Dreamcasting # 11 - Justice Society Of America

Re: Dream Casting #11: Justice Society Of America

Interesting you should say Redford for GL, Bass, because of my picks....

Robert Redford as Jay Garrick/The Flash:


Paul Newman as Alan Scott/Green Lantern:

Several years ago, I started the very first Dreamcasting thread the Superman Homepage ever had, and these two were my choices in those roles. How awesome would it be to have them team up on screen one more time? They've both got the perfect, classic, all-American look and feel to them, like a pair of veterans or seasoned cowboys. I can't think of anyone else for either role.

Michael Ironside as Wildcat:

I think he'd be great as the grizzled, cynical street-fighter. He does Sam Fisher's voice in the Splinter Cell games and imagining that coming out of Wildcat's mouth sits quite well with me. He's got the right figure for it too.

Bruce Willis as Hourman:

Willis is flat-out one of the best actors in the business. Hourman would be one of the more complex parts to play on this team, and I'd love to see Willis get to tackle playing an addict. Top it off with those cold, intense eyes staring out from under Hourman's hood and he fits the bill perfectly.

And this is where my picks stop. I don't even want to beat Bass for any of the other characters.

Starbuck is to Power Girl was Patrick Stewart is to Professor X.

Kiefer as Sandman is exactly the kind of person I wanted but couldn't think of yet.... that quiet, completely unique, poisonous-sounding voice. I was considering Jeffrey Combs for this part(voice of The Question on JLU), but honestly, I wouldn't want anybody other than Kiefer.

Gary Oldman's who I would've said for Dr. Fate, but I'd much rather see and hear Christopher Lloyd play him.

Nimoy as the Spectre, Brooks as Mr. Terrific, Campbell as Hawkman.... all excellent choices.

I've thrown in my bid for the few I'd really want to change, but otherwise, I hand this round to Bass.
Re: Dream Casting #11: Justice Society Of America

*******it, Bass... You totally stole Sylvester Stallone from me, I have had that pegged for the past few weeks (when I got my wisdom teeth out I put together SEVERAL lists of people who would fit in the event of those rounds taking place... Unfortunately I only have bits and pieces of a JSA cast).

Also: I'm editing the title for tradition's sake, because I'm sneaky like that.

Cast to come... SHORTLY!
Justice Society of America - Dream Cast

Part One


Jay Garrick, The Flash – Martin Sheen : Aside from the added benefit of casting Emilio Estevez (his son, who is the spitting image of his father) as the younger Flash in flashbacks, Sheen is one of the most outstanding and underused older actors today. The big three of the JSA (The Flash, GL, and Wildcat) each act as Fathers to the younger generation… Of all three, Jay Garrick is the heart of the team, he is the Father-figure the younger heroes would go to for comfort. Ex-President Bartlett definitely has the heart to go along with the character


Alan Scott, Green Lantern – Clint Eastwood : If only he were ten years younger… But I still think that the Man With No Name could pull this off, and brilliantly. Going back to the Fathers of the Team motif, Alan Scott is often portrayed as the leader, and in my adaptation this would be more definite. Back in the day when the original JSA he was calling all the shots, and he was the first to retire, hoping to be rid of the Superheroism forever. His age would play into his character here… He has this powerful weapon, but he never planned to use it again. But when the new heroes fail in the face of an Ancient Evil he spent his life trying to defeat, he is the one to raise the banner of the JSA and bring back together to lead his team to victory.


Wildcat – Sylvester Stallone : For once I'd like him to let his hair get its natural grays, now that Stallone is in his Sixties…. We know because of the recent sequels to Rambo and Rocky that he still has the physical prowess to portray this great boxer. I don't feel like I need to explain this any further. Out of the Big Three, he is the one who's stayed in the game the longest… Fighting crime when he needs to, and Boxing when he doesn't. He is in peak condition and while a little rougher on the young Heroes, being something of a hard trainer and Drill Sgt. he's still has a close relationship with several of the younger heroes, because he's been training some of them all his life.


Dr. Fate – Malcolm McDowell : The Elderly Hector Hall will have spent the last few decades in solitude in his doorless tower, after the JSA disbanded and he felt the need to turn his attention to the secret afflictions of the universe. He will be a dreamy yet powerful figure, one of the most powerful members of the JSA, but limited in the sense of his inhumanity as this point. He will initially not agree to help Alan Scott bring back the Justice Society, but when confronted with what he has become compared to the Hero he once was, he decides to step out of the shadows to bring the team to victory.


Sandman – Cillian Murphy : The former sidekick of the first Sandman… Alan Scott seeks him out hoping to find Wesley Dodds, his predecessor, but only to see that he died recently with nightmares of the world as it would become. Sandy joins the team because he senses the dangers ahead, and knows that his prophetic dreams could help the new JSA discover the secrets behind Savage's return. There is something inherently creepy about Cillian Murphy, and I think he would be a great fit for this former sidekick who has grown immune to age, and whose dreams have left him shut off from the world at large.


Mr. Terrific – Denzel Washington : This choice is a little off, because I'd prefer Mr. Terrific be a little younger than Denzel is… But I trust that with the power of Make-up (such as a black T that covers most of his face), and the fact that I suspect the character to be in his late thirties anyway, I know they can shave a little over a decade off of him. Otherwise, I think he's a perfect fit… Authoritative, but he could still kick your *** if need be. Mr. Terrific will be playing Alan Scott's protégé to some extent. Scott sees in him the same qualities he had when he was younger, and Mr. Terrific will have been leading the younger heroes against Savage when they were defeated… Terrific learns from Scott about what it means to be real leader, and when Scott dies, he becomes the new Chairman of the JSA (actually making his age, between the young and the old members, fit perfectly).


Dr. Mid-Nite – Joaquin Pheonix : For Dr. Mid-Nite you need someone expressive, somebody who can be dead serious and also crack jokes every now and then… I think Joaquin has proven himself admirably in the past few years, and more than a lot of actors that are out there these days, he just seems like he would fit in playing a Superhero character. I'd probably transfer his budding relationship with Black Canary in the comics over to Power Girl who would intimidate the hell out of him.


Hourman – Jason Statham : Since I find most of Rex Tyler's moaning and groaning about this and that in the past few years of JSA comics irritating as hell, I would play this character as one of the more hotheaded members of the younger group of heroes that later joins up with the team. He will be terribly addicted to Miraclo, which gives him one hour of Super-Strength, but also makes him quick to get angry. Hourman is the bruiser of the team, even moreso than Wildcat, because his strength is far and beyond what Wildcat can manage. I see a funny relationship between him and Wildcat brewing because even though he's stronger, Wildcat is a smarter fighter, and so he keeps beating Hourman at sparring. So he learns to fight with his head rather than with his rage. Statham, obviously, would be fit that character perfectly… And would also allow for us to see Statham vs. Stallone.
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Stallone as Wildcat is a brilliant pick.
Justice Society of America - Dream Cast

Part Two


Power Girl – Eliza Dushku : Probably the hardest person to cast. I've always seen PG as a more severe version of Supergirl… Someone who wouldn't think twice of kicking the *** of some obnoxious idiot. Trying to outline the basic idea of what sort of character I wanted PG to be, the biggest thing to come to mind was Dushku's performance as Faith Lehane in the Buffy series. Obviously she'd need to dye her hair or get a wig, but when it comes down to it, the character potential outweighs the basic look. This version of PG will be reckless and unappreciative of the old guys pushing her around, eventually leaving the team, only to come back for the final battle. Her relationship with Dr. Mid-Nite will be what keeps her in line while she's with the team.


Stargirl – Sarah Michelle Gellar : The youngest member of the young group of heroes that then joins up with the JSA after being defeated by Vandal Savage. Starman would have been on the team with her when they went up against Savage and he will have died. All of a sudden she finds herself wielding this powerful weapon she doesn't know how to use. The older members will initially try to take it from her, but she proves herself in the end. I chose Gellar for her moments of vapidness and anger in Buffy, and because I know she can play that character in that direction and still develop into a sympathetic three dimensional character. Stargirl will grow up the most in the course of these movies


Abby Hunkel, The Original Red Tornado : Dame Judi Dench – While this is perhaps the greatest leap from the original character, I really like this concept, particularly in the introduction of Cyclone, who I find to be a far more interesting character than Stargirl... Back in the day she would have been a member of the Justice Society, never having worn a pot on her head, and having wind abilities similar to her granddaughters. There will be some tension between her and Alan Scott, with implications of a past relationship gone awry.


Cyclone – Michelle Trachtenberg : You're looking for somebody who can play the unexperienced oddball member of a team of Superheroes, someone who idolizes these heroes… I see her playing something close to her role in Buffy, but with a bit more geekyness pushed in, and she won't just be used to be the butt of every joke. Stargirl will dislike her, (bringing in some of the great tension Gellar and Trachtenberg had in Buffy), but of course they end up confiding in eachother. I suspect that Stargirl will end up saving Cyclone's life.


Jakeem Thunder – Percy Daggs III : Daggs, while a little lacking in personality during the first season of Veronica Mars, proved he had a lot of talent when he came back to the series in the Second Season… Jakeem is a bit of a kid, but he also has a noble side to him, since he's learned to become a Hero… I think Daggs could play both sides of his character damn well, plus give this TV actor a chance to get into the Big Screen


Thunderbolt – Michael J. Fox : Honestly I don't know whether or not Mr. Fox is still able to do voice acting like he has in the past several years since his Parkinson's has amped itself up… But since he did Stuart Little 3 as recent as last year, and his voice will be in a movie called Ray Gun later this year, I'm going to say he's still up for it. Thunderbolt will obviously be CGI, maybe modified a bit to look like MJF, at least facially, but its his voice that I'm more concerned about. Thunderbolt is eons old, but has a bit of a childish wonder to him, and Fox's voice has ALWAYS been perfect for that kind of role.

The Bad Guys


Vandal Savage – Al Pacino : Savage will have been stopped after an epic battle in the Second World War (which he will have privately orchestrated), and encased in cement and dropped in the deepest parts of the Ocean. Being immortal, he waited, until one day he was freed by the Dark Wizard Mordru. He spends a decade pulling strings behind the scenes before he's attacked by the young group of heroes, who he easily defeats killing several members. Pacino is an odd choice, I know… But the reason he has played fundamentally evil characters for his entire career is this demonic presence he can bring out in his characters. Its an odd choice, but it fits SO well… at least I think so.


Mordru – Terence Stamp : Mordru will be the secret magic behind the return of Vandal Savage, after his apparent defeat back in WWII… He is the dark counterpart to Hector Hall's Dr. Fate, and his longtime nemesis. Stamp and McDowell are each fantastic actors, but have spent their careers playing similar characters to one another. I think this is the perfect reason to cast them as opposites… Play their dry coldness at one another, and give us a great battle of magic that would make Gandalf vs. Saruman look like child's play. Mordru is exactly what Dr. Fate could become should he lose his humanity, and that makes the conflict between the two even stronger.


I will not do Hawkman, because I really dislike the character…

Also, Bass, Leonard Nimoy is beyond perfect for The Spectre.
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I'm not going to touch this one, since I'm not real familiar with the source material (never been too interested in JSA). Also, I don't think anyone's going to top Bass' selections. Even without a grasp of the source material, that's a solid, a-list cast.

One question though... does the actress you chose for Power Girl have gigantic breasts?
Come on people, we've got to have more picks than this. (Even though the one's already are amazing).
My choices were just too awesome.

Except my Power Girl. My choice for Power Girl is awful... Expect it to be recast shortly...
Bass doesn't win at all. Some of his picks are good, but so are many of the other entrants. I need some big amalgamation of them all.

The Flash (Jay Garrick): Robert De Niro

I think he pulls off the look and wisdom that the Flash needs.


Green Lantern (Alan Scott): Keifer Sutherland

Not only do I think he looks just like him, but just seems to fit in every way.


Wildcat (Ted Grant): Mikey Rourke.

While not trying to be like everyone else. Rourke captures the attitude needed to play the boxer.


Hourman (Rick Tyler): Jude Law

I really don't have a reason for this. I don't have much experience with Hourman, but I think Law could pull off the emotional baggage that Hourman as.


Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt): Laurence Fishburne

After his role in the matrix, I can honestly see him as one of the smartest man alive.
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Power Girl (Kara Zor-L): Reese Witherspoon

I'm happy with this one. She looks like Kara and I think she could play the strong female.


Sandman (Sanderson Hawkins): Adam Baldwin

Baldwin needs to be a great *** superhero. Sandman is a perfect choice.


Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore): Emma Roberts

I really like this one. As Julia Roberts niece, she already has a legacy to live up to.


Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson): Jeremy Irons

He looks like a Fate to me.


Hawkman (Carter Hall) : Russell Crow

After Gladiator, can you think of anyone better?

This casting was really hard. And I love Doc's choices. Those own.
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Whoa! So many awesome choices for this round. If it all ended today, DSF would get my vote, on the overall strength of his cast, but there are so many inspired indivdual choices in every participant's list.

I never would have guessed that JSA would attract this many responses. Cheers, bluebeast!
Whoa! So many awesome choices for this round. If it all ended today, DSF would get my vote, on the overall strength of his cast, but there are so many inspired indivdual choices in every participant's list.

I never would have guessed that JSA would attract this many responses. Cheers, bluebeast!

I was going to do JLA but that's been done a thousand times so I thought that JSA would be more interesting. PLus the book is the best one out right now.
I didn't even notice I choose Sutherland for Green Lantern and Bass chose him for Sandman. I think he would be a better GL.
TOG, you should try to give some better reasoning there... Just Bull**** it if you need to... That's what I did with Darryl Hannah (who i need to get off my list right now)... But Jeremy Irons is a GREAT choice for Dr. Fate.

Bass has a cast with some good choices, but I'm not following him on the big three, aside from Stallone... Morgan Freeman, I don't know, it just doesn't really work for me... And being a huge Flash fan, I don't really follow the reasoning behind the connection between him and little black sambo. And I'm all for race-swapping when it fits, Michael Clarke Duncan was and is the perfect choice for Wilson Fisk. Robert Redford isn't clicking either, but not for any good reason.

I am, however, totally behind Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Fate and Bruce Campbell as Hawkman (I want somebody to photoshop that picture into a Hawkman pic). And Leonard Nimoy is simply the perfect choice for The Spectre.
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