Dreamcasting #14 - Seven Soldiers Of Victory

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The rules:

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner may also declare whether this property is an animated film, or a live-action one. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After two weeks, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.





Klarion The Witch-Boy




Shining Knight


Manhattan Guardian


Mister Miracle




- Melmoth (Former King Of The Sheeda)
- Gloriana Tenebrae (Current Queen of The Sheeda)
- Misty Kilgore (Daughter of Melmoth and protege to Zatanna)
- Ne-Buh-Loh (A sentient universe, and the Queen's chief warrior)
- Darkside (A dark business man)
- Vigilante
- I,Spyder
Okay, I imagine Seven Soldiers of Victory being one of the twisted movies ever. I want it to be like the comic, seven individual stories that all tie together in their own way. So we've got all of these heroes being wrapped up in this larger plot about some Sheeda Invasion or whatever, but that doesn't matter. The movie is all about the character and their separate worlds...

The movie would start off with a prologue, with Vigilante, voiced by Nathan Fillion, narrating the history of the Sheeda etc. Nathan Fillion voiced Vigilante in JLU, but that's another medium, so it should be allowed. If not, it doesn't matter, because it's only a small part of the film anyway.

Zatanna - Rose McGowan. She proved herself in Grindhouse, and now I want her as Zatanna. She has the look, the style, and I could see her taking a wacky role like this. Basically, the Zatanna segment of the movie seems to be like your typical average life type movie. Zatanna does the occasional show on stage, but she hates her life. And then she gets invited to a gathering of magicians and her life turns upside down...

Klarion - Klarion is CGI. Not crappy, cute animal CGI but horrible, terrifying CGI. This part of the movie will make you **** your pants. It's like a Disney movie on acid. It's dark, nightmare inducing. It's just Klarion, going on a weird and disturbing adventure through the underworld.

Frankenstein - Mickey Rourke. The Frankenstein part of the movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the Sheeda rule. He has time travelled to kick their ***! That is what Frankenstein does, and that is what Mickey Rourke excels at. He kills things. Lots of things. And then he complains about it.

Shining Knight - Ellen Page. She was impressive as Shadowcat (and she's pretty nice) so why not put her in some armour for the duration of the movie, and then reveal she's actually a girl at the end? It might work, it might not. I just see Shining Knight being the knight that wasn't allowed to join the Round Table, but when the Sheeda invade, she steps up. This segment of the movie takes place in the past, a fantasy like world that mirrors our own history.

Manhattan Guardian - Chiwetel Ejiofor. This face keeps popping up when I think of Manhattan Guardian. I know he's English. I don't care though. He looks like him, he can be dangerous (see Serenity) and he's a damn good actor. He's the underdog, the only hero without magical or weird powers or whatever. His segment of the movie takes place in a world that's straight out of a 1930's pulp film. It's black and white, he's fighting the mob, there's a reporter after him... and then the Sheeda invade. He fights for his family.

Mister Miracle - Shia LaBeouf. He's a damn good actor and I can see him playing a struggling escape artist. This part of the movie is all weird and bright, it's like an alternate view of Frankenstein's segment. It's an ideal future, especially once Mister Miracle escapes a black hole and becomes world famous. He thinks of being a hero... and then the Sheeda invade. I think this would be quite funny too, and Shia is good at that.

Bulleteer - Ellen Barkin/Kelly Brook/Angelina Jolie. Take your pick. It depends what the Bulleteer part of the movie is actually about. I thought of Ellen Barkin, who doesn't look like her much at all, when I thought of an older woman, whose superhero husband dies, leaving the superhero formula to his wife. She takes it, and becomes the Bulleteer. But I'm not sure if she's right. I think she could play the before, but not the after. Kelly Brook is there for the various size similarities, obviously, and she's damn hot. But I think there's more to Bulleteer than just appearance. So that's where Angelina Jolie comes in. She's got the appearance, the ability, and I think she could play quite a good Bulleteer. I don't know. Anyway, this segment of the movie is like a cheesy superhero radio serial - now in technicolour! Bulleteer fights corny supervillains and wishes she had more in her life... until she proves herself as a real superhero when the Sheeda invade.

This is the only way I can imagine a Seven Soldiers movie working. It's too vast and epic otherwise, and needs to be simplified. I also imagine each segment being a neat way to tribute various movie/comic styles, and I think this would be a film that both long time fans and new ones could love.

There might be pictures later if I can be bothered, but my back hurts and I hate you all.
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I am so doing this one.
Shia LeBeouf (or however the **** you spell it) isn't black...

But this Dreamcasting is a great idea... I'll be giving it some more thought when I am in a not-so-drunk state of mind.
Yeah, but Shia Labeofhidgjfff still doesn't really fit, while Michael Clarke Duncan was a damn good choice.
Yeah, but Shia Labeofhidgjfff still doesn't really fit, while Michael Clarke Duncan was a damn good choice.
Then there's a difference between if he fits as an actor in this part, and wether or not he's black.

You're drunk. It's sleepy time.
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I don't care that Shia is not black. He's a Jewish escape artist, and I'd prefer to focus on that bit. As you can see from the rest of my ideas, my idea of a Seven Soldiers movie is quite drastically different to the comic idea.
Seven Soldiers

Directors and writers: Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski , Loved the matrix and loved V for Vendetta. I think they could take this film and turn it in to something truly spectacular.

Cast :

Zatanna – Holly Marie Combs – This based more on her been "Piper" on Charmed. I needed someone who was attractive , had a similar look to Zatanna BUT the most important part to me was making sure she could be taken seriously when she used he magic.

Also she was slightly older than I wanted but looked young enough to pull off "mid-late 20's" unlike my first choices who were all too old or didn't have the right look. I like this choice and think it would work well.

Klarion the Witch Boy – Jake Gyllenhaal – he would need Make-up and stuff but seeing him stuff like Brokeback Mountain I know he's good actor , I really don't know why but when ever I read Seven Soldiers Klarion to me looks just like him but different colour.

This was the absolute only choice in my mind to play Klarion no one else would be as perfect.

Frankenstein – Carel Struycken – He was Lurch in the Addams Family films. Now he maybe old BUT with the right make up and colouring he will be perfect as Frankenstein and because he has that Frankenstein quality to him , He will be more believable in the role than most.

Sir Ystin – Jonathan Bennett – Pretty good actor and he might not have the right voice to pull of some part of it but I believe with the right script and story , that would not be needed as it could seem to cheesy so I picked someone who could do all the other elements but leave that bit out of the film.

Manhattan Guardian – Dean Winters – I wanted Manhattan Guardian to be a fairly young person , I also needed someone who could pull of a shady , dark side and Dean Winters as he was in Oz would be a pretty good pick in my opinion

Mister Miracle – Douglas Christopher Judge – Even though I don't like Stargate SG-1 he stood out from it and since some of the role is make-up and costume I wanted someone who could be a strong character and yet still be able to deal with turmoil and emotions

Bulleteer – Ali Larter – This based on her acting in Final destination and Heroes. I wanted a woman who could play a strong role in the team but when she gets flashbacks and stuff to get emotional as a little bit crazy.

Dark Side/Darkseid – Hugo Weaving – As the human form Hugo Weaving if he acted like Agent Smith would just be so perfect it's not funny BUT when it comes to Darkseid I would do him cgi but with Hugo's voice which mixing those together would create a really menacing threat.
Seven Soldiers of Victory​

Alright, Seven Soldiers is a movie about seven characters who are initially unconnected throughout the movie with seven short stories that are seemingly unrelated, but have parts that tie each other together (a la Sin City). In the end, it'll all come together and the Soldiers will realize that the elder Vigilante has been shadowing them and needs them for a coming invasion. They part ways afterwards.

Zatanna- Catherine Zeta Jones

Zatanna is a Las Vegas magician and illutionist. She earns fame for her seemingly impossible tricks. What the general public doesn't realize is that her magic is real. She would follow a mystery involving her late father, a founder of the original Seven Soldiers. With her role in Chicago, Zeta Jones can play the stage to a tee. She might seem older than other choices for Zatanna, but I'd put her as one of the only people on this team with real experience.

Klarion the Witch Boy- Cameron Bright

Klarion is the horror portion of the movie. He fights off these creepy demons and ghosts underworld and has a dark outlook on life. Klarion would be even creepier than these demons he fights, which would be the good part. Cameron Bright was good in X3 and great in Thank You for Smoking. He's got those creepy eyes, like the kid from the Omen.

Frankenstein- Ron Perlman

Frankenstein's all out action. The monster comes back from the dead after the events of Mary Shelly's book with a pissed-off sarcastic attitude. See Ron Perlman dressed as the monster with huge pistols, and swearing the whole movie.

Shining Knight- Kristen Stewart

Allright, now that I know Shining Knight turns out to be a girl in the end, I picked someone I thought could play an unsure, but fierce warrior. Stewart can play up the mystery of Shining Knight for most of the film, until it's revealed at the end that she's a woman. Stewart's a good, young actress. This could be one of those roles where she breaks out.

Manhattan Guardian- Denzel Washington

The Guardians just kind of pissed off at the world. He lost his job, his wife left him, and now he has to fight thugs in New York. Denzel Washington in Training Day, but with a good heart. There you go.

Mr. Miracle- Taye Diggs

If Zatanna's Sigfried and Roy, Miracle's Evil Kinevil. The man's a daredevil who'll do anything for the crowd. The media loves him and he's doing great. But once another Fourth Worlder comes to haunt him, Miracle has to give up his life of celebrety to become a true hero. Taye Diggs can be the superstar with a dark secret he doesn't want anyone to know.

Bulleteer- Sarah Chalke

Bulleteer is someone who's life's gone completely in the ****ter. Her husband died, she has to be covered in metal her whole life and then she finds out that before he died her husband did his experiment to get with a porn star. She's the one that doesn't want to be a hero too much, but she has to. Sarah Chalke might be known for her comedy role on Scrubs as someone who won't shut up, but I think she could portray the Bulleteer just right. This seems right to me.

Vigilante- Clint Eastwood

Staying in the shadows for the majority of the film and doing narration of each of the character's stories, Vigilante comes to them at the end of the story and tells them why he brought them together. Who better to play the gunslinging, retired member of the Seven Soldiers than Clint Eastwood? No one, that's who.
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Okay...did anyone read the Shining Knight mini??

Ystin is a GIRL!!
Okay...did anyone read the Shining Knight mini??

Ystin is a GIRL!!

Apparently only a select few of us have actually read the story. Or were clever enough to actually click on the wikipedia link provided.

Way to miscast people.

Except for Proj. Who actually cast a girl.
Oh and Mr LeBouf would be fine if you were casting Scott Free, but Mr Kirby created Shiloh Norman as an african american, so yeah, Taye Diggs works great.
Okay...did anyone read the Shining Knight mini??

Ystin is a GIRL!!

only read like 2 issues of Seven Soldiers and forgot most as it wasn't my cup of tea so I stopped reading

oops on the is a girl though , would change the option but what's it matter i'll still loose :lol:
Apparently only a select few of us have actually read the story. Or were clever enough to actually click on the wikipedia link provided.

Way to miscast people.

Except for Proj. Who actually cast a girl.

Seriously. I knew that would happen.

Bluebeast said:
Klarion the Witch Boy- Cameron Bright
Frankenstein- Ron Perlman
Mr. Miracle- Taye Diggs
Vigilante- Clint Eastwood

Those are great choices and Eastwood is exactly who I'm picking for mine.

And Mole, I love Combs as Zatanna and your pick for Klarion. The rest not so much.

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