Dreamcasting # 18: Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.s!

Travis Charest's Wildcats was the best. I would do a separate, serious cast on that.

Jacob Marlowe, aka Lord Emp - Michael J Anderson

Samson from Carnivale was the tough little **** that would grab you by the balls and rip them off if he needed to. That's what the man in charge of the Wildcats needs.


Hadrian, aka Spartan - Keanu Reeves

It would be great irony for the man that fought the machines to the play a android. Keanu has that one emotion character thing down.


Priscilla Kitaen, aka Voodoo - Megan Fox

I add someone else but after seeing Project's cast. I'm stealing this.


Cole Cash, Grifter - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt can play the tough as nails, badass, mercenary of the team. Can you imagine him wearing that red mask and just blasting though the badguys. I can.


Zannah of Kera, aka Zealot - Eliza Dushku

Crazy warrior chick. After the crazy slayer chick. I can't think of another person. I want to stay away from Whedon actors but this is good. I havn't used many in the past.


Jeremy Stone, aka Maul - Sean Maher

Another Whedon actor from Firefly where he played the timid doctor. I imagine him being timid and a very nice guy when he is normal. But Maul wouldn't talk just grunt.


Reno Bryce, aka Warblade - Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane has the blade wielding warrior. No mohawk and no shiny costume.


Void - Natalie Portman

A supercomputer with the memories of a cute girl. Portman can play the play both the computer and the girl.
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I'm going to do another cast, because my first one was silly and I think I was stoned when I did it. Yes, I am stealing some choices, but I think I am doing a cast that I would like to see.

Jacob Marlowe, aka Lord Emp - Peter Dinklage. He'd only be in the movie for a little while on TV screens and the like, but after he's recruited the team he'd be in his Yoda meets ET alien form.

Hadrian, aka Spartan - Brad Pitt. I want to see Brad Pitt play a machine that's also a superhero that's also a businessman. I think it would be fun. I am keeping this one.

Priscilla Kitaen, aka Voodoo - Megan Fox. They are both sultry foxes and I think she'd fit the role extremely well. I am also keeping this one.

Cole Cash, Grifter - Looking at Grifter pictures... I don't like Fillion for the role at all. I am going to choose Matthew McConaughey. They have similar appearances and share that same cynical attitude. I know he's only been in romantic comedies lately, but I think this guy wearing a red mask and running through a warehouse firing guns would be incredibly sweet.

Zannah of Kera, aka Zealot - Lucy Lawless is a brilliant choice and I'm stealing it. I deserve it, since we're both New Zealanders. Amerikan scum. I will keep this as well, mainly because I can't think of a better choice yet.

Jeremy Stone, aka Maul - I think Johnny Deep is a really good choice, but for some reason I would like to see Benicio Del Toro as the horny scientist. But yeah, let's keep Johnny Deep for this.

Reno Bryce, aka Warblade - Antonio Banderas is a great choice. ****ing Bass. I like his cast. I will keep this too, though Thomas Jane isn't a bad choice.

Void - I don't know. I like Natalie Portman in the role. Or even the typecast Milla Jojovich or whatever her last name is.

There. Redone cast.
I like the Thomas Jane and Sean Maher picks. Those're pretty cool!

I bet I'll like your Emp a lot more when I finally get round to seeing CARNIVALE. :D
Void - I don't know. I like Natalie Portman in the role. Or even the typecast Milla Jojovich or whatever her last name is.

There. Redone cast.

Oh just because I cast a Russian as a Russian it's typecasting?
The fact that I logged on, checked this thread and saw that none of the new posts declared me "winnah" disturbs me.
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I didn't announce the winner because there was a tie going on between Proj and Doom... but a few more votes came in the end...

All your us are belong to BASS!
****, I voted for Bass at the end! You trick me again, Egyptian!

But wait... What?

That's a weird result, surely! There's a tie between Proj and Doom - and then I win?

Well you know what?

You're damn right I do. WILL SMITH as GRIFTER. That is the best kind of dreamcasting ever.

Because it'll only ever happen in your dreams.

So wait - I have to come up with a comic dreamcasting? Am I the first to be doing both comic and non-comic remake at the same time?! If so... ALL YOUR BASE ARE INDEED BELONG TO BASS.

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