Dreamcasting 2009, Round 4: Green Lantern


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Oct 24, 2004
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This round is moderated by Dr.Strangefate, winner of the last round which was "Preacher".

These are the rules of Dreamcasting 2009, they may not be broken, altered or changed in any way shape or form. Seriously:

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the next round, and is free to choose any property to be cast, whether it is based from comics, videogames, books, cartoons or real world figures.

2) When the moderator chooses a property, he or she may specify a medium (TV, film, cartoon) and a cast of at least 4 characters and a maximum of 9. Should he or she fail to specify a medium, then it is open game what medium participants want to play with.

3) Actors may not reprise their parts at all. Those who have played a character on film or TV may not play the character on voice and vice versa. Simply put, Kevin Conroy cannot put on a Batsuit and Christian Bale is not allowed to voices in your fantasy Batman CG adventure.

4) If you would like to cast an additional character, you must swap one out for another. However, the moderator has the option of leaving blank spots deliberately, with a maximum of 9. For example, he or she may declare, "Fantastic Four, and at least two bad guys and a Fantastic Friend (i.e. She-Hulk, Power Man)

5) Each round lasts ten days from the point the moderator posts it, and voting lasts for at least a day and any time past that needed to secure a victory.

6) And a final reminder: This is Dreamcasting, not DreamMovie. There are no story pitches. You can describe the character, talk about the kind of arc perhaps he goes through or what nuance he brings to the character or what kind of incarnation he's playing, but you can't write a freaking trilogy. No exceptions. Emphasize casting decisions and why you chose an actor.

The Movie​

You MUST cast:

Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of Sector 2814
Carol Ferris
John Stewart
Abin Sur
Ganthet, Guardian of the Universe

You may also cast two additional characters.

This Round Will End In Ten Days
Green Lantern: The Emerald Guardian

Beginning with the dissolution of the Manhunters due to the Massacre of Sector 666, the Green Lantern Corps are formed in order to spread peace across the universe. In the present day Hal Jordan is kicked out of the military after joy riding in a fighter jet. Getting a job as a mechanic for Ferris Air, Jordan discovers Abin Sur who has crash landed on Earth. Hal is given the ring and joins the Green Lantern Corps. His first mission: Find and arrest Abin Sur's murderer, Atrocitus.

Hal Jordan: Matthew Fox

So I changed it, this one's better anyway. Jordan's got to be extremely confident and a little bit of a showoff, but he's also got to be the ultimate American superhero so you need someone who can pull off the intensity of Jordan while keeping that devil may care attitude that he has up his sleeves. Matthew Fox for you right there ladies and gentlemen.

Carol Ferris: Jennifer Connelly

Brash, unapologetic and tough as nails, Carol Ferris is the perfect woman for Jordan. Being a strong character in her own right, she needs an actress with enough power to play her. Jennifer Connelly has always been great in anything she's been in, and I think that she has the right personality for Ferris. Connelly also has the right sex appeal to also portray Star Sapphire in an eventual sequel during the War of Light story.

John Stewart: Tyrese Gibson

A Marine sniper who comes into contact with Atrocitus after he lands on Earth, John is the only member of his platoon that survives. Helping Jordan and Sinestro to take down Atrocitus near the end of the film, he is given his own Green Lantern ring as Jordan's partner. I think Tyrese Gibson would be great for this role, not only for the fact that it's similar to his role in Transformers, but he can help carry a series alongside Gyllenhaal.

Abin Sur: Harrison Ford

Abin Sur was one of the greatest of the Green Lanterns. Going to Ysmault to learn of the Blackest Night, Abin is killed by his own lack of faith in his ring and Atrocitus. I think Harrison would be good more as a shout out to fans, with him passing the torch to Hal Jordan as the next great space adventurer like Han Solo.

Kilowog: Brad Garrett

Jordan's drill sergeant on Oa, Kilowog is one of the most powerful of the Green Lanterns. I used Brad Garrett for this the last time because he was perfect for the role then, he's perfect for it now too.

Salaak: Steve Buscemi

The strict nononsense liason to the Guardians, Salaak constantly chaifs at the antics of Hal Jordan. Buscemi would be hilarious in this capacity as the head of internal affairs between the Green Lanterns.

Sinestro: Nestor Carbonell

Abin Sur's great friend and protege, Sinestro is the eventual mentor to Hal Jordan. Acting solely as a hero in the first film alongside Jordan, he still shows signs of being dark around the edges. In the sequel to the film I would have him take the dark turn and lead the Sinestro Corps and eventually fight in the War of Light in the final film alongside his former protege Hal Jordan. I think Nestor Carbonell, from his more dramatic roles in Lost, Smokin Aces and the Dark Knight would be great to portray the greatest Green Lantern turned renegade.

Ganthet: James Garner

Though the Guardians play a stoic role in the film Ganthet will secretly have a connection to Sinestro and Jordan. Acting to temper the Guardians he will be forced out by the time of the second film. Ganthet is personable and relates to his Lanterns, I think James Garner would be great to play his character.

Atrocitus: Ian McShane

The true villain of the movie, Atrocitus is the worst being in the Universe. Seeking the Blackest Night, Atrocitus sets into motions the eventual Sinestro Corps War and the War of Light. I pick Ian McShane to play him simply because he has a really cool voice that fits the character who would most likely be all prostetics or cgi.

This would of course lead to the Sinestro Corps War in the second film and the War of Light in the final film.
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The Green Lantern​

Hal Jordan- Sam Worthington

Carol Ferris- Kate Beckinsale

John Stewart- Idris Elba

Abin Sur- Jeremy Irons

Kilowog- Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Sinestro- Jason Isaacs

Ganthet- Ian Holm

Guy Gardner- Chris Pine

Tomar-Re- Doug Jones

explanations to come...later.
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Damn you Darkknight. You stole my idea for Jordon!

I also thought about using Beckinsale but I think I have a better idea.
Green Lantern

Hal Jordan - George Eads

Carol Ferris - Rose Byrne

John Stewart - Idris Elba

Abin Sur - Leonard Nimoy

Kilowog - Michael Ironside

Sinestro - Jeffrey Combs or, if you want an older Sinestro, Jonathan Pryce*


Ganthet - René Auberjonois**

*If you want me to just pick one person for the role, then I'd rather have Jonathan Pryce.

**He played Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I know he voiced Kanjar-Ro and a couple other characters on the Justice League animated series, but Ganthet actually didn't have a voice as far as I know.
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Katma Tui - Parminder Nagra

Guy Gardner - Ron Eldard

I'll try to explain my choices later.
Lets hope it's not that much better.

Any comments on my cast?

I used Irons once as my Sinestro. I think he could work as Abin Sur.

I'm not familiar with some of the actors and I don't really see Pine as Garnder but maybe.
Hal Jordan - Josh Duhamel


Carol Ferris - Rebecca Hall


John Stewart - Erik King


Abin Sur - Laurence Fishburne


Kilowog - Ray Winstone


Sinestro - David Strathairn


Ganthet - Bill Nighy


Hector Hammond - Sam Rockwell


G'nort - Jack Black

Hal Jordan: Mark Wahlberg

Carol Ferris: Ellen Page

John Stewart: Will Smith

Abin Sur: Michael Emerson

Kilowog Michael Clarke Duncan

Sinestro: Liam Neeson

Ganthet:Tommy Lee Jones

Guy Gardener: Josh Holloway
This round ends monday night, so any stragglers should get their casts in.
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