Dreamcasting 2010 Round #3 - Teenage Wasteland


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The Rules

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the next round, and is free to choose any property to be cast, whether it is based from comics, videogames, books, cartoons or real world figures. Round moderators may specify a specific medium (TV, film, cartoon, etc) and if he/she fail to specify a medium, then it is open game what medium participants want to play with.

2) When selecting a property for the round, moderators must select an ACTUAL property (ex.— Spider-Man, Mission Impossible, Thundercats, etc.). No generic rounds like “SuperGroup” (ex.— Doom chooses to make an Avengers cast and Ice does an X-Men cast and Bass does an Action Force cast). There needs to be an actual singular property.

3) Like last time---casts should consist of at least 4 characters and a maximum of 9. If you would like to cast an additional character, you must swap one out for another. However, the moderator has the option of leaving blank spots deliberately, with a maximum of 9 (ex.—for example, he or she may declare, Fantastic Four, and at least two bad guys and a Fantastic Friend (like She-Hulk, Power Man). Actors may not reprise their parts at all! Those who have played a character on film or TV may not play the character on voice and vice versa. Simply put, Kevin Conroy cannot put on a Batsuit and Christian Bale is not allowed to voices in your fantasy Batman CG adventure.

4) Once a new round is started---no posting casts for the first 24 hours.

5) When submitting an entry you must at least produce a cast. You can do a pitch if you want, but only a cast is required

6) Each round lasts ten days from the point the moderator posts it, and voting lasts for at least a day and any time past that needed to secure a victory. At the end of the round and voting begins, the mod will divide the submissions into 2 categories: Cast and Pitch. Cast winner wins the round and mods the next round. Pitch winners are allowed to add another property to the pool. When you vote, you must specify what the vote is for (ex.—I vote for Mole’s cast and Bass’ pitch…or I vote for Proj’s cast and Proj’s pitch).

You must cast -

  • Nico Minoru
  • Karolina Dean
  • Molly Hayes
  • Chase Stein
  • Alex Wilder
  • Gertrude Yorkes

You may cast two additional characters.

Round ends at midnight on Feb 26.


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I need to give this some thought but I do know one thing. The Arctic Monkeys will be writing and performing the score.

Victor Von Doom

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I might do this one. The biggest problem is that I'm really unfamiliar/unimpressed with the younger actors of today and with the past 2 rounds revolving around young actors, I'm afraid my casts might start to look like repeats.

Had this been done a couple years ago during BKV's amazing stint...I would've had the entire cast of Veronica Mars come back together for this show. Back to the Future was one of those exceptions where you could have 20-something year olds playing a teenage cast, the cheese factor alone allowed it. But a property like this?

Hurm. Now...I really gotta think.


My Boom-Boom's mostly gay
I might do this one. The biggest problem is that I'm really unfamiliar/unimpressed with the younger actors of today and with the past 2 rounds revolving around young actors, I'm afraid my casts might start to look like repeats.

Had this been done a couple years ago during BKV's amazing stint...I would've had the entire cast of Veronica Mars come back together for this show. Back to the Future was one of those exceptions where you could have 20-something year olds playing a teenage cast, the cheese factor alone allowed it. But a property like this?

Hurm. Now...I really gotta think.

Yeah. That's the hurdle I need to overcome. I really don't know the teen actors these days. I may have to pass. And that's a shame. Because I totally would have had Judd Apatow direct.

Hell, if it were ten years ago, I could have just stolen the Freaks and Geeks cast.
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Plot: Runaways is a film about youth in rebellion with the declaration that they’d rather die than grow up. After witnessing their parents perform an arcane ritual which ends with the sacrifice of a young girl the six run away to Los Angelis and attempt to take down their super villain parents.

Nico Minoru: Tania Raymonde

The oldest of the Runaways at 18 Nico is a magic wielder with the Staff of One. I've seen her in a few things and she was able to play characters with a more intrinsic quality to them but with a quirkiness and toughness. She's not Asian but I think she has that look of Nico down pretty well.

Karolina Dean: Saoirse Ronan

The 16 year old daughter of aliens masquerading as film stars, Karolina can wield light and fly. Saoirse was great in Atonement and I didn't want some bubbly dumb blond girl to play Karolina. Plus her eyes would seem very creepy through the rainbow haze of her powers.

Molly Hayes: Adair Tishler

The youngest Runaway at 13 Molly is a mutant with incredible super strength. I thought the actress did well in Heroes so I think she could pull this off.

Chase Stein: Jeremy Sumpter

The athletic son of geniuses at 17 Chase steals several advanced weapons from them. He's been in Friday Night Lights as more of a perfectionist but I'd like to see him branch towards more of a dumb jock with this.

Alex Wilder: Malcolm David Kelley

Though he has no powers 17 year old Alex Wilder is the brains of the operation and de factor leader. Yeah I know another person from Lost but I'm running out of teenage actors here and he seems to fit the part.

Gertrude Yorkes: Alia Shawkat

Daughter of time travelers 16 year old Gertrude was given an intelligent velociraptor named Old Lace. C'mon she was great in Arrested Development and I think her personality from that would transfer well to Gert.

Geoffrey Wilder: Idris Elba

The leader of the Pride and the father of Alex Wilder who is the most ruthless criminal the Runaways have ever witnessed. It's Idris Elba as the leader of the Pride I don't think I have to explain much more.
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Victor Von Doom

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I don't want this game to die down already and I didn't want Bluebeast going unopposed. So here's my cast......


Nico MinoruAlexa Vega – I’m not opposed to changing a characters ethnicity to fit casting choices or story adjustments…and that’s basically what we got going here. Vega doesn’t look fully Hispanic…but she doesn’t NOT look Asian. Minoru could be any kind of name. Hispanic…Thai…Greek…etc. And besides…does it matter under all that make-up and goth apparel?


Karolina DeanAmanda Seyfried – Meh. I’m trying to think of a young, blonde actress that doesn’t annoy me. This is the best I could do. She’s actually an ok actress…but I don’t really care for her. Her eyes and lips are huge and weird me out….which is ironic because for the visual effects on her once she “lights” up, those are the only 2 facial features I would want seen.


Molly HayesChloë Moretz – With Molly being so young , you’re gonna have a hard time find an actress that young and able to handle the material well. So I’m gonna shoot for someone who already has some experience in the action/comic world and go with Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass. If she’s able to handle Mark Millar’s tongue in cheek material…then she should have no problem with Molly’s immaturity and sarcasm.


Chase SteinChris Lowell – I had Lowell cast as Chase 2-3 years ago based on his role as Piz on Veronica Mars. I know he’s a little old for the part…but since Chase is the oldest of the group anyways, I figure why change. It’s either this guy or the Percy Jackson kid…and I’m seeing him everywhere.


Gertrude YorkesMae Whitman – Plain Jane of the group. Not the kind of girl you expect to grab your attention. But Whitman’s comedic timing was so spot on in Arrested Development that I think you throw some glasses on this girl and you’ve got Gert.


Alex WilderBow Wow – Ugh. Of all my casting choices, this one irks me the most. I hate myself for even thinking this. But I honestly cannot find anyone his age that could play a black teenager. At one point I even thought about changing his race too, but I still can’t find anyone to pay him. I mean he doesn’t TOTALLY annoy me in Entourage and I didn’t hate him in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. So I guess he’ll have to do.

Ok....for the love of God----the next round please be based on a cast over the age of 25!!!!
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I actually really dig that casting, Doom.

I've got to admit, I don't know what to do with the property, but for Alex, I think a good casting choice might be Tyler James Williams, from Everybody Hates Chris.


Alternately, I'd go scouring through the cast of The Wire (as I always do when I have a role I don't know how to fill), which was just brimming with young, untapped talent.
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Zak Starky - Mollie Hayes (He's so bloody young!)
Kenney Jones - Gertrude Yorkes (cause nobody cares)
John Entwhistle - Chase Stein (what he did with a bass, easily rivals whatever Chase's powers were supposed to be)
Nico Minoru - Pete Townshend (I can totally picture him windmilling her magic staff)
Keith Moon - Karolina Dean (I dunno, had to put him somewhere, seems un-just to make him play an inter-stellar lesbian)
Roger Daltrey - Alex Wilder (Daltrey once said he is a great blues singer, that means he's black and perfectly suited to play Alex)


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Nico Minoru - Krysten Ritter. I saw her on Breaking Bad and thought she was perfect. Apparently she's 28. Damn.
Karolina Dean - Taylor Momsen. She was in Gossip Girl. Thin, blonde and attractive.
Molly Hayes - Chloë Moretz. She is the one that came straight to mind. She is perfect.
Chase Stein - No idea.
Alex Wilder - Jermaine Crawford. Dukie from The Wire. He should be about 18 now.
Gertrude Yorkes - No idea. Mae Whitman is suitable.


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The Runaways
By: McCheese

Nico Minoru

Hayley Kiyoko will star as Nico Minoru. And shame on you all for whitewashing Nico. She starred as hot asian Velma in Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins and I think she'd do a good job as Sister Grimm.

Chase Stein

Hunter Parrish from Weeds would be a perfect fit as Chase. He's used to playing the team dullard and he's charming enough to pull it off without becoming unlikeable.

Alex Wilder

Percy Daggs III is Alex Wilder. Look at that righteous fro and tell me otherwise. I'm a little surprised to see that I'm the first to cast him here.

Karolina Dean

Arielle Kebbel. Pretty, young blonde? Check. Decent actress? Check. Does McCheese own stock in her at HSX.com? Check.

Gertrude Yorkes

Tina Majorino makes my second cast member from Veronica Mars. She's a good enough actress to make the occasionally abrasive Gert come off as likeable.

Molly Hayes

Elle Fanning is Dakota's younger, more human looking sister. I have no idea if she's a good actress or not since I've never seen her act. But casting a 12 year old is ****ing hard.
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I vote for Gemini as he was so overlooked earlier it makes him the underdog. Who doesn't like seeing the underdog overcome the odds?