1. Ice

    The Runaways TV Series (Hulu) News/Discussion

    Marvel And Hulu Announce Runaways TV Series "Marvel Television today announced it will bring the cult favorite comic book series Runaways to television via Hulu’s streaming service. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will serve as showrunners on the series. Executive producers include...
  2. Langsta

    Dreamcasting 2010 Round #3 - Teenage Wasteland

    RUNAWAYS TELEVISION ADAPTATION The Rules 1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the next round, and is free to choose any property to be cast, whether it is based from comics, videogames, books, cartoons or real world...
  3. Jaggyd

    Runaways movie

    I was glancing through Yahoo, and look what I found.;_ylt=AhjeOsS_GkjyRl5ej_D0MXkwFxkF
  4. Ice

    Runaways Vol. 3 (Terry Moore/Humberto Ramos) (Spoilers)

    EXTRA! EXTRA! Terry Moore & Humberto Ramos on Runaways! EXTRA! EXTRA!
  5. Ice

    Runaways Vol. 2 #25-30 (Joss Whedon/Michael Ryan) (Spoilers)

    Michael Ryan talks Runaways.
  6. Grocer Man

    Chase Stein of the Iron Man?

    (This may not be in the right place...) So, Wizard recently published an article with 50 changes to the Marvel Universe in the aftermath of Civil War. When talking about the Runaways: "The team will deal with Civil war in March's Runaway's #24. My money is on Chase in the Iron Man armor...
  7. TheManWithoutFear

    X-Men/Runaways Crossover Discussion (Spoilers)

    ****... Runaways have misplaced Old Lace. As they're looking for her they run into Cyclops, Beast, Colossus, Kitty, Emma, Wolverine. In the wake of HoM, The X-Men feel they need to take Molly Hayes under their wing. Fight occurs showcaseing powers except Gert and Kitty who make friends...
  8. compound

    The Pride's influence in 616 (possible Runaways SPOILERS)

    I feel that The (original) Pride's role in the 616 universe has never properly been elaborated on. Yes, I know their influence was limited to California -- or possibly even Los Angeles alone -- but it still leaves some questions dangling. Consider this: did the West Coast Avengers ever...
  9. nigma

    Young Avengers/Runaways [Civil War] (speculation and spoilers)

    ok, since i've now also become a mighty follower of YA, and Runaways....might as well as spot check them all....
  10. Friday

    Runaways Vol. 2 #1-24 (Brian K. Vaughan/Adrian Alphona) (spoilers)

    Both are up at Hero Realm. Link for the lazy ones.