Dreamcasting #31: The Endless (Sandman)

TOG, where on earth did you find that pic of Natalie Portman? Was it Photoshopped? And are there more from that set?

And like I said, Glau as Delirium was a gimmie. I really wanted to choose someone not so obvious.
Pardon my ignorance, but where else has Glau played Delirium? I attempted to Google for it, but I couldn't find anything. :?
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TOG, where on earth did you find that pic of Natalie Portman? Was it Photoshopped? And are there more from that set?

Pardon my ignorance, but where else has Glau played Delirium? I attempted to Google for it, but I couldn't find anything. :?

I just meant as River Tam on Firefly. Nuttier than Squirrel ****, extremely in tune with her surroundings, occasionally insightful. She's already done the rough character.
Preludes & Nocturnes
Part One

Roughly in order of appearance. Not everyone in the series is cast, because that would be close to insane, but I'm trying to include everyone worthwhile. The way I see this being adapted is each story-arc like a six episode HBO miniseries with an all-star cast. Movie level direction and special effects, with the space necessary to bring The Sandman to life. I'm going to go through all of the major storylines, and then go back and do a lot of the one shots. Maybe even i'll do all of them. I'm hoping to have "A Doll's House" up by the weekend (i'm mostly finished, but i'll be busy the next few days). Then I'll work on "Season of Mists".


Dr. John Hathaway – John Hurt
Hathaway is the man working for the British Museum who seeks Burgess' aid to bring an end to death. He supplies Burgess. For this i needed someone with the wormy insecurities that would be necessary with the role, as well as the authority. My first instinct was John Hurt from V from Vendetta and Hellboy.


Roderick Burgess – Terrence Stamp
Burgess is known as The Daemon King, and is supposed to be a rival of Crowley in the dark arts. I needed someone who's presence is commanding, and casted Stamp because I would like to see how he would handle a more purely sadistic villain for a change, rather than the apathetic warlord type.


Young Alex Burgess – Sterling Beaumon
He looks the part, and Lost proved that he can act with more depth than most of his peers. Alex is a relatively silent role, but integral, as it is Young Alex who confronts Morpheus after his escape.


Alex Burgess – James Woods
The older Alex Burgess needed to be someone bitter who could still hold a weighty presence. Woods' sardonic voice I feel would be perfect for the role.


Mr. Sykes – Michael K. Williams
Sykes's presence is felt more in the series than he actually appears in it. He needs to look subserviant, the sort of man who follows orders well enough to gain some status, but also scheming. I think that Omar from The Wire more than fills the part.


Cain – Geoffrey Rush
I spent a day and a half thinking about this, and it hit me this morning. Rush has the perfect voice, the perfect look, and the proper air around herself. I can't think of anyone more suited for this role other than a magically alive and younger Vincent Price.


Abel – Paul Giamatti
My first thought was Timothy Spall, but that seemed far too obvious, until Shade suggested Giamatti as a dark horse candidate for the part. Then I imagined him paired up against Geoffrey Rush and it all came into view.


Lucien – Anthony Stewart Head
I simply cannot imagine anybody else in the role. You need the more finicky aspect of his giles character, and all of his empathy. Lucien is in many ways the primary instance of Gaiman humanizing Morpheus. You also need someone who can assert authority over the other dreams when he needs to, which I think he is fully capable of.


The Three (Hecatae, The Kindly Ones, The Fates, The Furies, The Graces):
The Mother – Bernadette Peters

Peters has made a career of powerful women, and she's even played a witch before. She has this youthful quality to her face, and you should add about a decade and a half to the above image (yet she's retained her looks). The Mother seems to serve as somewhat of a leader, when you see them in human disguises at least.

The Maiden – Missi Pyle
Pyle has always had this intensely inhuman quality to her that I wanted to use for this. She was my first choice for all three of the women.

The Crone – Zelda Rubinstein
I dare you to find someone who looks more like an evil old witch.
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Preludes & Nocturnes
Part Two


John Constantine – Guy Pearce
The older he gets, the more perfect he gets for this role. My other choice would have been James Marsters. honestly, if i could take bits of each of them and meld them together, we'd have the best Constantine who could ever be cast.


Mad Hettie – Roseanne Barr
Finally a role that can put Roseanne's screeching obnoxious voice to proper use. I know she can act, and give her an edge of a british accent to screech as she's blundering into garbage cans, and all is well with the universe.


Lucifer – James Purefoy
If you have seen HBO's Rome, you know why I'm doing this. Purefoy's Antony is a vicious, sadistic, twisted man, with a grin that reveals all of this every time we see it. The more I see the more he answers that he would be the perfect Lucifer. brimming with pride to the extent that you can see his fall, and understand it. This casting keeps in mind the character in Season of Mists.


Choronzon – Nicky Katt
This is pretty much only based on his role in Sin City. He was the guy who got hit by the arrow in the Clive Owen bit. Someone a bit sleazy, a bit fun, and who can steal the scene even when he's only in a minute of a movie (it took me a half hour to figure out this guy's name, that's how set i was on this).


Ethel Dee – Judi Dench
A totally powerful mother, the sort of mother who would have created one ****ed up little kid. She gives him the power to escape, and forces her way into an asylum. There is no more powerful elderly women than Dame Judi Dench.


Dr. John Dee – Steve Buscemi
Seriously. Just imagine him (more) bald and (more) ragged making people kill themselves. He would be perfect to capture the insanity and the desperate need for power exhibited in Dee. This character would be a little less manic. This casting came apparent while re-reading the series and coming across the panel where Dee watches all the diner folk have a terrible orgy on the floor, and says "Neat!" I can perfectly imagine him doing that.


Dr. Jonathan Crane – John Turturro
This casting was my preferred casting before they casted Cillian Murphy, who did an excellent job, but would not be right for Crane as he is portrayed in The Sandman.


Scott Free, Mister Miracle – Eric Bana
I debated using the DCU characters that appear in the beginnings of the series, but really, how can you not? Bana has that typically superheroic look to him, and would capture the haunted nature of Scott Free, especially after his nightmare.


Rosemary Kelly – Kirsten Bell
This small role I think needed to be someone worthy of a cameo. Its a young blonde 20-something who is eventually shot and killed by John Dee.


J'onn J'onnz – Djimon Hounsou
Hounsou would do this role very well, and I can't exactly think of anyone else to fill it at this moment.
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Preludes & Nocturnes
Part Three

The Diner Sequence I feel would be the crowning moment of the first run of these Sandman episodes. They would draw in the big names for this, at least one or two.


Bette – Rachel Dratch
Bette is your below-average looking lady working many shifts to keep afloat with dreams of becoming a novelist (though our insight suggests that even if she wrote a thousand books, not a one would be published). I'd like to see Dratch try a more serious role, especially one that starts out so rich in stereotype and overbearing niceties.


Judy – Shannyn Sossamon
This won't be Judy's last appearance in The Sandman. She is Foxglove's original girlfriend, and will show up in Foxglove's nightmares later on, and in the Death mini starring Hazel and Foxglove even moreso. She fits so well as this ghostly character who continues to affect the series long after her death.


Mark – Topher Grace
An overachieving businessman, which fits Grace, because he's been playing overachievers and dreamers his whole career. Normally typecasting should be discouraged, but in a scene like this, where everyone only has a limited time, you need to cast the people who shine out the most.


Garry Fletcher – John Goodman
I would pay money to watch John Goodman rip out Topher Grace's trachea with his teeth. Good money, too. Plus Goodman is an amazing actor who would really shine in a cameo role like this.


Kate Fletcher – Goldie Hawn
Kate doesn't say much. She's just kind of your typical wife who secretly hates her husband. Goldie Hawn is good at making her presence known, and would probably bring more to the character than the comic did.


Marsh – Clint Howard
This guy is sort of your typical hick, so I thought of the most typical hick I could. And since I've been watching Arrested Development, the first guy to jump into my head was Johnny Bark. He's done mostly comedic work, but I think it would fit perfectly, and plus, no one can deny that he looks like a weird redneck trucker.

That's All For Now. More To Come, Soon.

Roseanne is perfect.

I must see Rome to see if he would make a good Lucifer.

Very good job.

It's time like this, that I feel I don't quite understand casting.
So, is this round still going? Shouldn't we wrap it up?

That said, I'm almost done with my cast for "The Doll's House". I've moved the Nada story to Season of Mists, when it becomes relevant. I have everyone cast save for Hob Gadling, Brute, Gob, Chantal and Zelda. (the latter two have so little to work with, i still have no idea how to approach them. I might just cast the olsen twins).
I started working on a cast, but halfway thru the round I realized that since I haven't read Sandman I can't do the cast justice.

Plus if DSF doesn't win it's just a ****ing injustice.
I started working on a cast, but halfway thru the round I realized that since I haven't read Sandman I can't do the cast justice.

Plus if DSF doesn't win it's just a ****ing injustice.
I think DSF kinda oversold it, so I'm quite likely to not vote for him.
I think DSF kinda oversold it, so I'm quite likely to not vote for him.



ourchair is a jerkface.

Anyway, the huge casting all the suporting characters thing is separate from the contest. I'm going to keep doing them even when this round is over.
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For now, this appears to be a (surprisingly?) close race. You can still PM me your vote for another 20 hours or so, especially if you actually took part in the round.

(Or is this my own karma for forgetting to vote, during the rounds prior to the ones i'm hosting, at the moment?)