Dreamcasting #31: The Endless (Sandman)

I have also voted. Shouldn't there be a winner by now?
Yes, there is. And you're it.

Another victory for the Good Doctor.

There should be an hour and a half of voting left. But I doubt if anybody else will be casting a vote, within that period.

So in the interest of moving on with the game, I hand over the title to DSF.

I'll post my own choices for the Endless within the week. (Still putting together the necessary comparison pics.)
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First I just want to say that I think TGO's Guy Pearce as Morpheus beats my Morpheus by tenfold, and I would have stole it if I weren't such a nice guy.

Secondly, I just finished doing my dreamcast for The Doll's House, so I'll be posting that up in the next half-hour or so, and then I'll start the new round.
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First I just want to say that I think TGO's Guy Pearce as Morpheus beats my Morpheus by tenfold, and I would have stole it if I weren't such a nice guy.

Secondly, I just finished doing my dreamcast for The Doll's House, so I'll be posting that up in the next half-hour or so, and then I'll start the new round.

The Doll's House
Part One


Unity Kincaid – Maggie Smith
Unity's role is small, yet vital to the entire saga of The Sandman. She needs to be played by someone with real presence, who could boss around Morpheus to take her life instead of her grand-daughter's. She might not be the best choice for the role, but I think she'd be perfect.


Miranda Walker – Joanna Gleason
Honestly, I casted Gleason after casting Jena Malone, because I needed someone who could pull off her mother. I also wanted to choose someone who would give a small role a lot of power, and remembering her bit parts on The West Wing and various other shows, as well as her leading role in Into the Woods on broadway, I felt she would be perfect.


Rose Walker – Jena Malone
It took me a longer time than you'd think to come up with a Rose I was happy with. I went through basically every 20-something female star I could think of using the volumes of The Sandman as reference. Then I found a panel that looked so much like Jena that I remembered her and thought, "hey, that works!" Jena is more of an actress than a beauty, but she's still very capable of taking the lead, as she would in this story.


Brute – Brad Garrett
Garrett is the voice of Bibbo and Lobo in The Superman: Animated Series, so he's familiar with voice work, as well as being probably the best thing about "everybody loves raymond" (a show I think of as mediocre at best, but still, he's good). Once I got his voice in my head, I read the lines, and it all came together.


Gob – Jeff Bennett
Bennett's resume is varied, but what I'm thinking here is more his voice for Ace, leader of the Gangrene Gang in Powerpuff Girls. You need someone sleazy who can still boss Brute around. I think he'd give us the right voice.


The Corinthian – Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix has this dark seductive nature to him that would be essential to the corinthean, but he can also be a bit more light-hearted, which would play well into the Second Corinthean, when that character decides to pop up.


Hal – Macaulay Culkin
In Party Monster, Culkin portrayed this young man, not exactly a drag queen, but something close to it. He's drawn to these sorts of smaller roles these days, and I think it would be a thrill to see him as a foppish queen done up in a fancy dress


Barbie – Sarah Michelle Gellar
I needed someone for Barbie who could play the Airhead who shows up in this volume, but also someone who could turn around and play the character with much more depth (but still very much like a princess) in "A Game of You". SMG -can- act. I have seen it happen on occasion. I think with the right direction she could be perfect in this role


Ken – Eric Winter
If you see the new Harold and Kumar movie, you will know exactly why I chose Winter for this role.
The Doll's House
Part Two


Chantal – Lizzy Caplan
Caplan proved to be an excellently negative teenage pseudo-goth in Mean Girls, and I would hope that she would take her Domineering personality and put it to good use here. Chantal and Zelda are for the most part blank slates in this book, so I would look to her to bring her character more personality.


Zelda – Brea Grant
This casting is based more off of Zelda in "The Kindly Ones". Grant is wonderful in Friday Night Lights, and I would like to see what she can do with this role. Once again, she'd have to bring more to the table than what Gaiman set down in writing, but I trust she'd be up for the job.


Fiddler's Green/Gilbert – Richard Griffiths
Forget his overacting in the Harry Potter films, Griffiths is an excellent actor with a wide range. You need an elegant yet enormous man in this role, with a great deal of personality, and I am certain that he would do it fantastically


Jed Walker – Jeremy Sumpter
I want to see Sumpter in more than what he's been in so far, as I think he has tremendous potential as an actor. This role would give him a great oppurtunity to show what he's capable of. Plus, he needs to be a kind of sexy young boy for The Corinthian to take notice of him. So... yeah.


Hector Hall – James Marsden
Hector Hall as The Sandman is just your typical silver-age superhero, with a big smile plastered on his face. If you look outside his work in the X-Men movies, I think he's shown that this is precisely the sort of role he's great at.


Lyta Hall – Naomi Watts
Lyta is one of the most important characters in the series, and we need an excellent actress to pull it off. Watts is enormously talented, and yet she still has the look of a Superhero (or more accurately, a retired superhero). This was the first role I cast in this book, and the one I am most sure of.


Matthew the Raven – Ethan Hawke
Hawke can be a bit of a dick, but he's ultimately human, and I think he would make an excellent Matthew. I've just listened to an entire audiobook narrated by him (Slaughterhouse-Five), so I can assure you he has a range of voices, and that he could animate this bird to the full emotional intensity he needs in these stories.


Hob Gadling – Gerard Butler
I am least sure of this casting, but it still fits. Gadling is a tough character, because he starts off as a simple ruffian, and grows into a sensitive 20th Century Man. Butler has shown he has range, and I trust he'd do the job well. Plus this time he could use his accent, rather than doing a half-assed job pretending he doesn't have one.


William Shakespeare – David Thewlis
To be fair, this isn't him dressed up as Shakespeare, but its damn close. I needed a British actor who could play both the younger WS and his older counterpart later in the series. Thewlis is excellent, and the more I see of him the more I like him.


Lady Johanna Constantine – Sienna Miller
Lady Constantine should be devestatingly beautiful, and very imposing, all at the same time. I know Miller has had an iffy career thusfar, but this small role might give her some experience expanding her horizons.
The Doll's House
Part Three

For the people in the Cereal Convention I've been thinking of putting bigger celebrities in cameo roles. Instead of the famous doctor who is a collector, I'm thinking they cast George Clooney in the role and imply that he's playing himself. I think that a lot of the little shots of the panels should at very least be filled with actors who have portrayed serial killers in the past.

For the central conventioneers:


Nimrod – Eugene Levy
This is an odd choice, I realize, but you need someone incredibly awkward, who has very little people skills. Nimrod is the last person you would expect to be a Serial Killer, and Eugene Levy could do the role admirably. Go back to your volumes and imagine him reading the lines as he introduces The Corinthian to the stage. Then Imagine him with an intense look on his face as he kills Phillip Sitz.


Funland – Kevin Smith
I think this would be great, and I'm almost positive Smith would agree to take this role as the disgusting Funland, who rapes and kills young children in Amusement Parks. There is even a scene where he is talking to this ragged looking man with long blonde hair. I can't imagine who they could get for that part...


The Doctor (The Actor) – George Clooney
As I said a little further up, the idea behind The Doctor character is that he is a celebrity, someone who they write about in The New York Times. To translate that to film, I wanted to go with a real mainstream celebrity, who you wouldn't expect to be a serial killer. Clooney came to mind and so here he is.


"Bogeyman" Philip Sitz – James Ransone
Sitz is pathetic. He wants to be a serial killer, but has no idea how to go about it. He's a fanboy incapable of being anything but a fanboy. Ransone has shown he's more than capable of portraying endearing little ****-ups who have no idea what's up or down, and he could bring that into the role very admirably.
I don't even remember half of those characters DSF.

Bravo, sir.
I don't even remember half of those characters DSF.

Bravo, sir.

Seriously. Some of those are brilliant.

Funland – Kevin Smith
Unity Kincaid – Maggie Smith
Rose Walker – Jena Malone
Brute – Brad Garrett
Gob – Jeff Bennett
The Corinthian – Joaquin Phoenix
Barbie – Sarah Michelle Gellar <----This was my idea :D
Zelda – Brea Grant
Chantal – Lizzy Caplan
Lady Johanna Constantine – Sienna Miller <---I love this one.

These were my favorites.

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