Dreamcasting #32 - Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

I seriously doubt I'd be able to come up with a cast that *I* like more than Disorder's.

I'll give others time to beat what he's got, and hopefully somebody else will put up a strong competition. Otherwise, in all likelihood, i'll probably be voting for DisorderInTheHouse.
I think Michael Vartan (Matthew Vaughn from Alias) could play a good Matt Murdock/Daredevil. I would do my own cast, but I think the rest of my cast would just be stolen from others.

Top: Matthew Fox, Sean Astin, Katee Sackhoff, Donnie Wahlberg
Bottom: Aaron Eckhart, Viggo Mortensen, Eva Green, Mark Hamil​

Matt MurdockMatthew Fox – I had others in the running…but then I saw Speed Racer. And I swear if the Racer X costume had been red, I would've sworn I was watching Daredevil fight. I know Fox can handle the tormented dead father issue role, due to his Party of Five experience…but it's his roles as of late that make me think he's more than capable of carrying a film as the lead. Millions of Lost fans can't be wrong right?

Foggy NelsonSean Astin – Not the bumbling comedic sidekick that many believe him to be. But instead, as DSF said, one of the most human and flawed characters in the book. Foggy is the anchor to Matt's sanity. And no one is more human and flawed than Rudy. Ru-dee! Ru-dee! Ru-dee!

Karen PageKatee Sackhoff – The ultimately doomed love of Daredevil…Sackhoff has that unconventional Hollywood beauty, but at the same time still "real" enough to properly portray a woman capable of reaching such heartwrenching bottoms.

Ben UrichDonnie Wahlberg – Not the action star his brother is, Wahlberg is more of the drama brother. Urich is such an important but understated role. I think Wahlberg's experience is more than enough to give Urich the respect the character deserves.

Wilson Fisk Aaron Eckhart – Ok…so here's where I begin to lose you all. My idea for the Kingpin is not to cast some giant hulking beast who can't really act…nor do I want my Kingpin to be "old". I'd like to portray him like he is in the comics. Huge and larger than life. For that I'd like my Kingpin to be an awesome actor…in a "big" suit much like they handled Jekyll/Hyde in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen….and then use realistic CGI to animate some of the more complicated combat moves like they did in Doc Ock in Spider-Man2. For that I look to the debonair ******* of Eckhart. Combining his slick talking of Thank You For Smoking, with his cold-hearted actions of Paycheck and no nonsense attitude of Black Dahlia…you have a Kingpin that can really get under DD's skin.

Bullseye Viggo Mortensen Eastern…****ing…Promises. Seriously. Add some balls to the wall crazy and you have a vicious killer.

Elektra NatchiosEva Green – Hauntingly beautiful…and just as deadly. Green is perfect to play the raven-haired Greek assassin.

"Battlin' Jack" MurdockHarry Hamlin – Obligatory old tough guy. I so typecasted Hamlin for than square retired boxer jaw.
Great cast, Doom. Especially Viggo Mortensen.

I almost used Aaron Eckhart as Matt Murdock in my cast, though...
This is very hard. I only have one actor that I liked.

I suggested this round to Doc. If I ever really do a cast I like, than I post it.
Damn! Now I want to see Disorder's good guys paired up with VVD's villains. And now i'm not entirely sure who to vote for.

Well-played, Doom.

Gentlemen, NOW we have a *real* fight...