Dreamcasting Adaptations #20: Down the rabbit hole....


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Jan 19, 2007

1. The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner may also declare whether this property is an animated film, or a live-action one. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2. Participants may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film/TV ones.

3. After the time period set by the moderator, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4. The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.



You must cast:

The seven-year-old protagonist of the story. Alice believes that the world is orderly and stable, and she has an insatiable curiosity about her surroundings. Wonderland challenges and frustrates her perceptions of the world.

The White Rabbit
The frantic, harried Wonderland creature that originally leads Alice to Wonderland. The White Rabbit is figure of some importance, but he is manic, timid, and occasionally aggressive.

The Queen of Hearts
The ruler of Wonderland. The Queen is severe and domineering, continually screaming for her subjects to be beheaded.

The King of Hearts
The coruler of Wonderland. The King is ineffectual and generally unlikeable, but lacks the Queen's ruthlessness and undoes her orders of execution.

The Cheshire Cat
A perpetually grinning cat who appears and disappears at will. The Cheshire Cat displays a detached, clearheaded logic and explains Wonderland's madness to Alice.

The Duchess
The Queen's uncommonly ugly cousin. The Duchess behaves rudely to Alice at first, but later treats her so affectionately that her advances feel threatening.

The Caterpillar
A Wonderland creature. The Caterpillar sits on a mushroom, smokes a hookah, and treats Alice with contempt. He directs Alice to the magic mushroom that allows her to shrink and grow.

The Mad Hatter
A small, impolite hatter who lives in perpetual tea-time. The Mad Hatter enjoys frustrating Alice.

The March Hare
The Mad Hatter's tea-time companion. The March Hare takes great pleasure in frustrating Alice.


The Dormouse
The Mad Hatter and March Hare's companion. The Dormouse sits at the tea table and drifts in and out of sleep.

The Gryphon
A servant to the Queen who befriends Alice. The Gryphon escorts Alice to see the Mock Turtle.

The Mock Turtle
A turtle with the head of a calf. The Mock Turtle is friendly to Alice but is exceedingly sentimental and self-absorbed.

Alice's sister
The only character whom Alice interacts with outside of Wonderland. Alice's sister daydreams about Alice's adventures as the story closes.

The Knave of Hearts
An attendant to the King and Queen. The Knave has been accused of stealing the Queen's tarts.

The Mouse
The first Wonderland creature that Alice encounters. The Mouse is initially frightened of Alice and her talk about her pet cat, and eventually tells the story of Fury and the Mouse that foreshadows the Knave of Heart's trial.

The Dodo
A Wonderland creature. The Dodo tends to use big words, and others accuse him of not knowing their meanings. He proposes that the animals participate in a Caucus race.

The Duck, the Lory, and the Eaglet
Wonderland creatures who participate in the Caucus race.

The Cook
The Duchess's cook, who causes everyone to sneeze with the amount of pepper she uses in her cooking. The Cook is ill-tempered, throwing objects at the Duchess and refusing to give evidence at the trial.

The Pigeon
A Wonderland creature who believes Alice is a serpent. The pigeon is sulky and angry and thinks Alice is after her eggs.

Two, Five, and Seven
The playing-card gardeners. Two, Five, and Seven are fearful and fumbling, especially in the presence of the Queen.

A lizard who first appears as a servant of the White Rabbit and later as a juror at the trial. Bill is stupid and ineffectual.

The Frog-Footman
The Duchess's footman. The Frog-footman is stupid and accustomed to the fact that nothing makes sense in Wonderland

The round will end on March 1st at 8pm EST. Voting will be begin then and will run until March 2nd at 8pm EST when a winner will be declared.
Hmm .... If you guys are feeling uninspired, I suggest you watch the movie Waking Life, from Richard Linklater, director of Dazed and Confused and A Scanner Darkly.

Alice – AnnaSophia Robb.– She was great in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Violet Beauregarde, She me a little older but as well as been a good actress she looks right for Alice which is important

The White Rabbit – Mark Hamill
(voice) – I see the white rabbit looking like a real rabbit. I picked Mark Hamill as he is a fantastic voice actor and what ever you want he'll deliver. So I give you Mark Hamill's white rabbit

The Queen of Hearts – Anjelica Huston – She is in my opinion perfect for what I would want. She has a look about her that makes her seem evil, She's played the strong evil and dominating woman before e.g Ever after as the stepmother

The King of Hearts – Armin Shimerman – You want someone who is hated but spineless? Who better than Principal Snyder and Quark. He fits all the needs well and I like the guy so he is my pick for King.

The Cheshire Cat – Morgan Freeman – Voice only, A realist looking cat but Morgan Freeman's calm voice to guide the young Alice would be something great. I think this choice is just something that just works.

The Duchess – Glenn Close – I see the Duchess as been very much like her Cruella de Vil, That is the reason for this casting.

The Caterpillar – Billy West – another cgi but realistic looking animal. I picked Billy West as he is a great voice actor and did voices on Futurama and other cartoons but the one that pushed him for the part was he voiced Shaggy in scooby doo and I see the Caterpillar having a similar voice.

The Mad Hatter – Johnny Depp – This choice is one I mentioned during talk of Burton's Alice as a choice I think he'll make and one that I love. I really think depp is the man for the job when it comes to the mad hatter

The March Hare – Kelsey Grammar – Yet another cgi but realistic looking animal. II want rabbit to have a certain quality to his voice. One that Kelsey Grammar has that sounds soothing yet posh.
Hmm .... If you guys are feeling uninspired, I suggest you watch the movie Waking Life, from Richard Linklater, director of Dazed and Confused and A Scanner Darkly.

I might just have to indulge in some mind altering substances and see what I can come up with for this.


Wait a second, who said that?
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Oh, I'm so tempted to do a full-on reimagining of this in some completely different setting...
Now this is a sequel/parody/homage MUSICAL!

Yes a musical.

Alice in now an adult who shares her stories with her 16 year old niece Carol.
Carol disappears and Alice finds a note saying she has been taken to Wonderland. Alice returns to Wonderland to track Carol.

Another ruler far from Wonderland as attacked and captured the Queen Of Hearts.

The King Of Spades has taken over.

It is on the Queen's order that Carol is brought to Wonderland to lure Alice for her help.

Both girls and searching for each other.


Alice - Gwen Stefani


Carol - Avril Lavinge


The White Rabbit - Eminem


The Queen of Hearts - Madonna


The King Of Spades - David Bowie


The Cheshire Cat - Jonathan Davis (Singer Of Korn)


The Caterpillar - Snopp Dogg


The Mad Hatter - Steven Tyler


Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum - Tenadious D

Just imagine all these people all doing songs back and forth. Madonna and Bowie. Stefani and Tyler.

Just think about it.
I'm definitely participating in this round.

Cast will hopefully be finished by tonight (+0800 GMT).

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