DreamMovie #17- I am the Vengeance, I am the Knight...

I hate doing this stuff. I have lots of ideas but it is impossible for me to get them out in a coherent fashion. I'm not good at expressing my thoughts. I have too many things I want to see.

I can't decide between Talia and Catwoman. But I think Talia would work a lot better.
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I hate doing this stuff. I have lots of ideas but it is impossible for me to get them out in a coherent fashion. I'm not good at expressing my thoughts. I have too many things I want to see.

I can't decide between Talia and Catwoman. But I think Talia would work a lot better.

She'd be easier. And it would make more sense. "OMG you killed my father!"
I'm moving out of my room tonight, and will be offline until tomorrow night or sunday. I'm still finishing mine up, and I promise it'll be up at the beginning of next week, so if you could, keep this baby open a few extra days.

If I can't get around to finishing the third act, I'll post the first two acts, and you'll get a good idea of what I'm doing.
Can we give this game a few more hours (say, twelve from now? i.e. 4 AM EST or so?). I've got work, but might get a chance to finish it up late night.
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(I apologize in advance if this is jumbled or doesn't make sense.)

My idea is for two movies.

1st Movie

I'm unsure of what I want the title for the first one to be.

The film would start off in some remote jungle. Where he found a beatiful woman working in a part of the jungle. A man comes to her and tells her she has a call. She heads back to village to get on the phone. You don't hear who is one the other line. The woman answers something like...

"Hello, this is Dr. Pamela Isley. Yes I am leaving on the next flight to Gotham, Yes it is all ready. I will see you soon."

Back in Gotham, Gordon and his new Detective Harvey Bullock enter a campus. Harvey makes a comment how this isn't a good idea. That the guy they are seeing is a crackpot. Gordon comments how he is one of the most brilliant minds in the field of criminology.

They enter into the back of a classroom, with a man in the front giving a lecture. The class ends and Gordon and Bullock go up to him. Gordon introduces him as Professor Edward Nigma. They want his opinion on The Batman. He shares some ideas.

Bruce Wayne is attending a party being Bruce Wayne. When someone mentions that he must meet Julie Madison. When they met Bruce is blown away by her beauty and begin to date.

Back at Arkham Asylum. A new psychiatrist moves comes to interview the villans.. Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She is strong and very outspoken. She interviews Scarecrow, who remarks her taking his job, she sees Dent who is in a coma and hidden from everyone. Than she sees The Joker, they have some debates on what it means to be crazy. Dent wakes up sometime in the movie. You also see Harley talk more and more to the Joker.

As the movie progresses someone is poisoning random people. Batman is trying to figure out who while invading the police. Nigma becomes obessed with discovering Batman's identity. He also goes to Arkham and interviews Joker who reveals to him what happened to Dent. He manages to get a interview with Two-Face.

After more people are poisoned, police decide that a woman is targeting these men. The news name her the Poison Ivy serial killer.

Batman stops some gang or sometime and is attacked by the police. He trys to escape being awesome, but is stopped and arrested by Bullock. If he is going to be added he must have a badass moment to justify him. Batman is taken back for questions. Orders from Gordon is not to unmask him. Due to whatever traps he has set up.

Nigma gets in to interview Batman. Batman plays quiet. Nigma becomes even more obsessed. He tries to unmask Batman but is stopped by Gordon. They argue and Gordon as him thrown out of the building. Nigma swears revenge.

Batman eventually escapes somehow before transferred and demasked.

Later Gordon is kidnapped by Nigma who now calls himself the Riddler. He demands that Batman be the one to save him and leaves riddles to where to find them. Batman solves the riddles and saves Gordon. Riddler escapes.

At a party Bruce Wayne & Julie Madison mingle. She leaves his side while Bruce as a conversation with Alfred how he is falling in love with her. He is approached by Isley who offers him a drink. He takes the drink saying that he never refuses one from a beautiful woman. He tells her that is her with someone else and thanks her. He walks away. Julie takes him to a backroom. They start to kiss. Bruce passes out from the drink. Isley enters the room. She has been using poison based off the same flower that Crane used for his fear toxin. She uses it to bind someone with lust.

Bruce later wakes up tied up on the top of Wayne Tower. Julie and Isley standing over him. Julie reveals herself to be Talia Al Gul, daughter of Ra Al Gul. The man that he betrayed and killed. When killing all those men, Ivy gained access to the companies that these men worked for and planted explosives throughout them all. They are going to denote them all destorying most of Gotham in flames. Batman remarks how there is a connection between them. She ignores him. They just have to plant one in the tower. The place is empty.

Ivy travels there where she runs into Lucius Fox. She tries to seduce him but he resists. He tries to call security but is knocked out by Riddler. Who reveals that he solved that all the men killed worked at different companies and that Wayne Tower was the only one not targeted. He wanted to be the one that solved the crime before Batman. Talia interrupts and asks the Riddler if he is interested in defeating the Batman. He accepts. Batman escapes up top and defeats the members of the leagues of shadow she left up there. They set the bomb. They go back to the roof, they found the unconsciousness men with Batman missing, and helicopter is waiting for them.

They quickly board the helicopter, but Ivy and Riddler are knocked out by Batman. Talia gets to the helicopter. Batman asks her if she is going to run away, if this is what her father taught her. She stops and draws two swords from the copter. She attacks him and he somehow gets one sword away from her and they have an epic sword fight. He gets the detonator from her and defeats her. The police arrive. Batman called them in earlier. Before they can move Batman is stabbed in the back by Riddler. Bullock attacks him and handcuffs him. Talia used this moment to capture Gordon and hold a knife at his throat. Batman pleads with her that her father was wrong. You can tell that she has feelings for him. She stabs him in the shoulder pushes him off the building. Batman jumps and saves him. Talia gets away.

Batman later remarks to Alfred that she could of killed Gordon but didn't and there is some hope for her. That she is confused and angry like he was.

Than the final scene would be Talia in a jet. She would make a phone call to someone that she needs to get the prisoner from Santa Prisca Someone tells her that her father as had him locked away for 10 years. "We need someone like him."

Batman - Knightfall

This would involve Talia returning with Bane. Who breaks open Arkham and frees Scarecrow, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, and the Joker.

I am not going to go into too much detail, but Batman would have a new sleek Batmoblie that would be in a chase scene. Joker would almost be captured by Prison Guards but is saved by Harley Quinn. Sho is more in his vein than comic.

I also like the idea of someone trying to kill Batman. He is saved by the Joker who kills them.

Batman captures all the villains and must face Bane. Joker doesn't go along with Talia and Bane's plans. It's everyone vs everyone.


Talia Al Gul (Julie Madison)- Rachel Weisz


Poison Ivy - Rachel McAdams


Riddler - Ralph Fiennes


Harley Quinn - Sienna Miller


Joker - Benicio Del Toro


Harvey Bullock - Ray Winstone


Bane - Javier Bardem
I'm done....

Not really happy with the finished project. It's suffered from winging it too much and from excessive revisions. I honestly think it would have worked much better as a two film structure. It's a smattering of potentially cool ideas that never really coalesce in any meaningful way. But it's too late to cry over that now.

Oh, and I love Del Toro as the Joker, tog.
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Ok it's done so vote. I'll try and get back to you guys soon but I'm busy.




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