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Sep 15, 2004
From Newsarama:

Artist Dustin Nguyen will make a return trek to Gotham City in early 2008. Nguyen, who one drew at five-issue Batman arc for writer Judd Winick in 2004 and who is currently the midst of drawing the cape and the cowl for writer Alan Burnett on Superman/Batman, will take over the penciling duties on Paul Dini's Detective Comics early in 2008.

Though the artist tells Newsarama he has been designated the "regular" penciler, though no set length of his run has been determined, and this time around ("third time will be the charm") he thinks this time around he has the confidence to do the best work he's capable of…

At least Detective Comics will finally have some consistency. We were supposed to have JH Williams III for this run, yet Morrison stole him after the first issue. Then I remember Morales being announced, and he didn't end up doing anything. I'm happy we're finally getting an artist who's talented and will hopefully be sticking around.
The art there looked cool and it has Ivy! I'll get this for sure
He also did an arc of Judd Winick's Batman, which was surprisingly good.

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