Ellis or Millar: The Better UFF run.

Warren Ellis or Mark Millar's UFF run?

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I decided to trust Thor's opinion.

He didn't like Ultimate Galactus or Sliver Surfer. The fool.

He thought they were robots.

Thank you.

No, TGO, I tried to tell you that I liked them now once I reread Extinction, but you left to go to the store. I actually really like them now, but we need to see a lot more.

Whats a Sliver Surfer? :D
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Oh Millar, no question about it. Crossover and Frightful alone were awesome, Namor was good, and President Thor was really good. I loved Ellis' run, but Millar just beat it for me.
Millar's crossover story is what made me start reading UFF , well i used to read them before but i just wasnt that into them.Annihilus , and lvinig mushroom scientist wasnt that interesting for me.

But when thinking of Millar's run.The zombies were the best idea ever on UU.Too bad that they were wasted by the crappy "Marvel Zombies" book.But the image Millar created was amazing and breathtaking.

Or think about Namor.The Sub-mariner is not a king but a prisoner! now that's something new , that's ultimization. too bad that the story ended up Sue kissing Namor.Have to admit it's one of the worst endings.

Not talking about "President Thor" it was fantastic but .. dunno. I was expecting more than that from Skrulls i think they are wasted for nothing.

Along came Doom!!! Noone can say Ellis was better with Doom.Ellis' Doom was fooled by young Reed in front of the army and all those people.
On the other hand Millar's Doom was , what Doom should be!!! even better than 616. As someone from us said evil/arrogant and noble at the same time.And he gave the feeling with only what 3 pages? that's cool work.

And i am not even talking about the artwork

So duh. Millar was a looot better than Ellis
I got Frightful yesterday, and it ruled. Only bad part was the random fill in pages...

I loved Ellis/Immonen's Doom arc. It made UFF a guaranteed read for me, and introduced me to the greatness that is Immonen and goat legs. Then I read N-Zone. It wasn't as good (I don't really like the Kuberts), and Nihil was a crappy villain. Overall, Ellis' run was average, and more Sci-Fi than anything (which, in the case of UFF, is good).

But then I read Millar's run. Greg Land was doing the art. That was a great team up. When that was announced, I was enticed to pick up the first two TPBs, so it was because of this run that I picked up UFF. And I'm glad I did. These 12 issues have been one of the greatest runs of the UU. It's not Sci-Fi, but it's fantastic fun - which is what the Fantastic Four are all about.

And now, I leave you all with a quote that describes Millar's FF beautifully - "It's Mister Fantastic, not Mister Mediocre."

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