Embarassing Comics

You see... I really enjoyed the Amalgam Comics.... I mean, some of them were crap, but some of them were actually pretty clever...

I'm embarrassed about liking the Access comics that led into the Amalgam Universe.

There's also this X-Factor/Spider-Man crossover that was pretty damn bad...

And Onslaught.... ugh *shudders*

Not to mention "X-Men Adventures" (the one where they just redid the show)
I used to get Transformers comics. The ones based on the cartoon from a few years ago. They were crap.
Hee, this may take a while. I've read an increbily large amount of 90's Spider-man only because I was at the age where antyhing with Spider-man on it had to be mine. I enjoyed Spectacular Spider-man but Peter parker: Spider-man and the others were very...embarassing. I did read spider-girl but that was nothing to be embarrased about. I've read a ton of 90's venom, dear lord, how I remained sane is beyond me. I read secret Wars; pure trash and little kid pleasure. I'm not embarassed to have read 60s marvel since I read them for the camp.

As well, I'm embarased to have read a couple various mangas that were so superficial I have no idea why I finished them.
naw charles barkley vs. godzilla still takes the cake everyone.

i have many more, i just have to remember to check the comic collection.

and unlimited access (for the amalgamverse) was pretty bad too. i have that one.
I'm not embarassed by any of my comics. I openly admit that I have the whole Amalgam collection as well as a mint condition NFL SuperPro #1.
On the lines of disgustingly embarassing Manga...

I've got all three CLAMP School Detectives.... :(

I've also got a few of the "Stan Lee creates the DC Universe" books.
Doc Comic said:
as well as a mint condition NFL SuperPro #1.

I'll give you 5 gajillion dollars for it.
Doc Comic said:

OK, you drive a hard bargain.

How about a swift kick in the crotch instead?

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