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Hey all!
A friend and I are trying to launch our comics which are based on philosophical discussions between the bunch of creatures that you see in the pictures attached. Before we do, we'd like you all to take a look and give us some feedback that we can incorporate into and improve our comics. Both of us are new to doing this and don't work full time in the creative field. That said, we still want to launch and keep improving our craft as we go. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Inviting feedback on all things - concept, visualisation, layout, panel breakdown, cinematography, script, dialogues and artwork. I (the artist) don't have a lot of practise with illustration and the kind but I'm hoping to get better. I believe your feedback will go a long way in helping us better our craft.
P.S. I only have an iPad and not a laptop/desktop for the artwork and am using Procreate on it at the moment. I'm considering shifting to Illustrator on iPad. Would you say that is a good idea?
Thanks a ton in advance!


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