I hate that they're relying on the whole bs "picture enhance" thing. When they first showed that vid of suspect zero I knew they were gonna pull that crap at some point.

And why would Bedford be so dim as to think only one person in the world might have the star tattoo?
I thought this past episode was the weakest one yet. Dialogue was off, emotions were off, and not much development happened. I did see the previews and it looks pretty interesting what is ahead... I can't wait until the finale now.
I like Bryce. He is probably my favourite character after Demetri.

Preview looks exciting.
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I thought the latest episode was really good... and then I find out that it's not going to be on for the next three months. :(
I thought it was terribly boring and I don't think I will watch the next episode.
It's not looking good for this show. We're promised we'll get to see the events of April 29th, but I don't think the show's going to be picked up for a second season. :-/
I really liked the last two episodes. It's still really stupid a lot of the time but the pace seems to be picking up and I liked the twists.

Since the future of this show doesn't sound too good, I'm hoping the finale they have planned will be able to wrap up the story. I still think it's going to end with the new flashforward which will show us things that would happen in a second season if it gets renewed.

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