Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For


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May 17, 2004
I'm excited for this. I loved the Sin City comic and the movie. They are fun and outrageous and I just really like them.

With teh same people involved for the sequel I have a good feeling this will be as good.

They just released some images...

Agreed, I'm a big fan of Miller's hard-boiled Sin City comics, and loved the faithful adaptation that was the film. Been looking forward to this sequel for awhile (and so happy Rourke returned to play Marv, despite hating going through the make-up application process in the first one). Between GotG and this (which comes out 4 days before my birthday), August will be a great comic book film month.
I, too, am extremely excited about this. I've been anticipating this since the first one was released. I like that Eva Green is Ava Lord and curious to find out if Clive Owen will reprise the post plastic surgery Dwight. The pre plastic surgery Dwight being portrayed by Josh Brolin. Also, Miller wrote the new segment that JGL is in that I'm intrigued about because it's new material.

I guess I'm only slightly that Miller didn't write a prequel to the rise and fall of Jackie Boy. Mainly because Benicio del Toro is one of my favorite actors and I would've liked to have seen more of him in the Sin City verse.

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