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  1. E

    Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

    I'm excited for this. I loved the Sin City comic and the movie. They are fun and outrageous and I just really like them. With teh same people involved for the sequel I have a good feeling this will be as good. They just released some images...
  2. T

    An article in the Guardian about "The Evils of Comic Book movies"

    This is interesting, an article at the Guardian has responded to Frank Miller's rant against "Occupy Wall Street" protests, by suggesting that all comic book movies now support "cryptofascism". Personally I think the writer is suffering from Apophenia...
  3. E

    Sin City by Frank Miller

    Has anyone read the Sin City comics that Frank Miller did? The movie was based on volumes 1, 3, & 4. There are 7 altogether. I read 1, 3, & 4 when the movie was announced and really enjoyed them but haven't picked them up since then and never got around to reading the other volumes. And I...
  4. Grocer Man

    Xerxes: Prequel/Sequel to Frank Millar's 300

    A prequel/sequel to the classic comic, starring everyone's favorite politically incorrect god-emporer. Of course, the most important question is whether the homoerotic subtext will stay.
  5. DIrishB

    Batman - The Dark Knight Universe (Earth-31, Frank Miller's TDK)

    This thread is for a general discussion of all stories pertaining to DC's Earth-31, otherwise known as Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight" Universe. Stories which make up this universe include: Batman - Year One All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder, Volume 1 Batman - The Dark Knight...
  6. Ice

    Frank Miller...possibly coming back to Marvel?

    From Lying in the Gutters, reported at CBR: "MILLER'S TIME I understand that Marvel may be in a position to reapproach Frank Miller about either new or a creative repackaging of old work. And all it needs to smooth the ground is one upcoming plotline in a Marvel comic."
  7. Friday

    Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibus I'm a bit embaresed to say this but I've only read Millers Man Without Fear mini, so I'm pretty damned stoaked to see this solicited.
  8. moonmaster

    Frank Miller to Direct "The Spirit"

    From AICN: Read the rest here.
  9. K

    Holy Terror by Frank Miller

    Comic book named "Holy Terror, Batman!". Al Qaeda comes to Gotham, Batman kicks butt. ~200 pages.
  10. Victor Von Doom

    300 [movie discussion; spoilers]

    And lo the Gods answered their lowly servant's prayers.... :D SuperHero Hype Article 300 Official Site The transition (cosmetically) from comic to film looks great. And while I understand that they need to flesh it out a bit longer for film reasons......I'm super hyped...
  11. Ultimate Gambit

    300 (Frank Miller) [SPOILERS]

    Frank Miller's 300 I was just looking around on the sight and noticed an amazon add for a graphic novel called 300 written by Frank Miller. And I was wondering if anyone else knew what other books he has done like that and sin city and if anyone had read that book?
  12. Bass

    All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder series discussion (spoilers)

    No thread for this yet. Odd. Anyhow, I thought it was pretty nice. I like the way the GCPD is so horrendously corrupt. Kinda feels like it's just "Batman Begins 2: Robin Begins", but it's all right. Nothing amazing, but enjoyable none the less.
  13. René

    All Star Batman and Robin

    Well almost a month away. Here is a colored version of the cover. So who's going to pick this up? All-Star Batman