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Aug 16, 2005
Wikipedia said:
Free Realms is an Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) being developed by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) set in a humorous kid friendly fantasy-themed world[1] for the PC and PlayStation 3.

The game is accessed via the Web. During character creation, a 3D client downloads behind the scenes and then streams as the user plays, which eliminates a large download.

Free Realms is going to be free to play with an optional subscription for a single player, or a discounted family plan for multiple accounts.[citation needed] Also, micro-transactions will be available for players who are interested in purchasing in-game items for their characters. Unlike typical MMOs, combat is completely optional and the focus, instead, is spread across a variety of gameplay mechanics – exploration, combat, building, housing, pet-raising, mini-games and social networking – to ensure its appeal to both boys and girls alike.

Players will be able to choose from classes such as adventurer, ninja, mailman, medic, blacksmith, miner, warrior, archer,treasure hunter, wizard, and switch on the fly without creating a new character. The game limits barriers to entry and encourages social gameplay where, regardless of level or class, players will be able to interact, join forces and play together.

Due to the social networking nature of the game, players will be able to send links, share images and videos, and chat with friends from their own, personal, customizable social networking page, which is all optional for parents that want to restrict their child's access to user generated content.


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Looks pretty cool. If you have kids they can play it, If your an adult you can play it too. It looks kind of like an MMO of Shrek and with no fees I'll be getting this.
I don't get it, mole. You're like, bipolar awesome. You're either incredibly hilarious, or you make me sad at life.

There's no in between!

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