Friends reunited!!!!!

I know the point. But it's the way he worded it was for no reason other than to be a prick about it. But there were sites reporting it that were not just copying the Mail's story and had quotes from actresses ect... but it's false now unless Warner Bros are trying to keep it secret but that's a long shot.

I wasn't even referring to HBM. I was talking about everyone else who continually pointed out the erroneous and baseless "facts" the Daily Mirror was claiming (who all turned out to be right).

I think a Friends movie would be financially successful. The fan-base for it is arguably larger than Sex and the City (I can see many boyfriends being dragged to a movie much preferring a Friends movie over a Sex and the City movie, but I could be wrong). I'd probably see it. I was never a huge fan of the show, but I did catch it on syndicated re-runs (and still do) when nothing else is on. It usually keeps me chuckling.
I'm disappointed. I was really excited for a bit there, whether or not it was true, just at the idea of it. Gothamite and I were talking about it yesterday and the idea of watching the Friends world shot like a movie, without a laugh track..... it's too bizarre too resist.

Oh, and Rachel was DEFINITELY hotter for the first three or so seasons.

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