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Yeah, I started watching this show a couple week ago after renting the first season at Blockbuster. Its awesome. Got all caught up and saw the Season 3 premiere...Hale's dead! The baby's still kidnapped!

By the way, who were the shooters at Half-Sack's funeral? Mayans? Neo-Nazis? IRA assassins?

Just wondering who the object of Jax & Clay's ire will be this season.
never heard of anyone having to go that far, before joining a respectable club. I did not even come close to prospecting. if you wanna know why PM me and I will explain, this is one of the few topics I will not discus in a public forum.

Also, I don't know of a respectable club that requires you to kill a man in cold blood, innocent or otherwise.

Then I'll start my own club! A MURDER club!

nigma said:
as a side note, I've been an avid motorcycle rider for over 4 years. and I do not like guns. I rather prefer my Sledgehammer (Ashley), Baseball Bat (Marge), Field Hockey Stick (Lily), Cricket Bat (Daisy) and am in the process of trying to find a collapsible Bo-Staff among a host of things.

Have you named them after women because you *ahem* with them?
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S3E2, nice follow up. sad that Hale is officially declared dead. the Irish take care of the baby snatcher. and old people w/ dementia shouldn't have guns when your ****ing their caregiver.
You people should be watching Terriers.
Last night's episode of Sunny was a bit weak for a season opener. I'm sure it'll get better though.
get out'a here...really? (looks it up on imdb) holy **** it is.....no wonder i can't read his ****.

Apparently they offered him a choice between writing an episode, directing an episode or acting in an episode. He chose the latter because he's a creepy son of a *****. I also thought it was interesting that his character was called Bachman, because his old pseudonym was Richard Bachman.

I also remember them offering Conan O'Brien a role as an Irish biker.

Am I the only one that loves all the Deadwood actors showing up in Justified and Sons of Anarchy? I guess FX really loved the cast of that show.
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Yeah when I saw him I was like, "dude, Stephen King." and nobody believed me. My favorite part was when he comes out of the basement saying, "It's done." and the girl asks, "where is she?" and he replies, "WHere's who?" Then he leaves and takes that gold hand with him.

Then at the end credits you see his name and I won a pizza cuz of it.
Terriers is fantastic. Watch it!
SoA 305: A very good setup episode, all the pieces are coming together and it looks like a ****fest is in progress.

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