Gambit and Rogue... Sitting in a Tree!

Someone said in another thread that Gambit is the Ultimate pedophile....
I dont think so. Looking at Rogue, she has to be about 17 or so. Gambit looks like he around 21 or something. I mean, Gambit cant be that old to make him a pedophile.

And somehow, if Rogue does go with Gambit, I wouldnt be surprised. And besides, the discription of the issue says it as well as the cover:

"Plus, what decision does Rogue make that will affect her budding relationship with Bobby Drake, Iceman?"

So we can speculate a lot form there.
Yeah, but Rogue is meant to be, like, 14 or 15. And Peter Parker hasn't aged 2 or 3 years, so she can't have either, and Gambit aint no 15 year old! And shouldn't he be in a coma or something after that cover?
icemastertron said:
True. But as long as Gambit is not 5 years older than her, its still legal by the government.

Maybe in CT, but not in here in MI...
Well, maybe Gambit is just as old as Beast or Colossus, who are still between 17-18. I don't see why Mr. LeBeau can't get some 15 year old when he's 17.

Also, my parents are five years apart... Now if it were some Ashton and Demi ish... Woah, back up Vaughan... Do realize what you just wrote into your characters?
It's difficult to decipher someone's age in this title. Ever since Rogue said that someone dying at the age of 17 was young, I was under the impression that Beast was only 17... Then again, I got the feeling that he was signifigantly older than Spider-Man. Who knows, but I don't think it's that bigga deal. Angel and Husk are dating, right? They're, like, what? 10 years apart at least?
Yeah, well I'm almost 19 and I wouldn't go with a 15 year old. I haven't got anything against couples with wide age differences but a person changes a lot between 15 and 18. A 15 year old is still considered a child, whilst an 18 year old is considered a young adult.
a person changes a lot between 15 and 18

Yes. The difference between, say, 28 and 24 is much less than 19 and 15. A 15-year old is a minor, and so is a 17 year old. Anyways, this is getting dragged off-topic - sorry for that.
So, my guess is still that Rogue is gonna end up with Gambit because the description to the issue says that Rogue makes a decision that affects her relationship with Bobby. And the cover puts the words into pictures.
To clarify, there is some maturity issues between people that have an age gap. I am sort of infatuated with a freshman right now (I'm a junior) but I can't see anything come out of it because she's too superficial and snotty for my tastes. I don't see juniors or seniors running around like she does, so I would assume that it's maturity.

Anyway, I am thinking that Rogue explores a relationship with Gambit, however, when she thinks about it, she is only doing it in spite of the kiss between Iceman and Shadowcat. She'll go back to Iceman and the X-Men in no time... If Gambit and her were to stick together and Gambit didn't join the team, I could see Rogue leaving.
I dont know about her leaving. Even if she wanted to, where would go? I think Gambit should just join, and they be toghether. Even if it does mean her not being with Bobby.
Doubt it. Remember how she said she was treated better there [by Bobby] than anywhere else? Think she would rather stay with the X-Men than the Brotherhood.

And if Gambit doesnt have something as good as the X-Mansion, doubt she'll go with him. So Gambit should just join, if they decide to be with each other.

And even if they dont come together, he should still join.
Remember how she said she was treated better there [by Bobby] than anywhere else?

Yeah, but if suddenly Bobby abandons her and hooks up with someone else it might change her mind.
I dont think he'll abandon her. I mean, the kiss between him and Kitty was just sudden, but doesnt mean anything (although I think they make a better couple). Bobby and Rogue may "split up" in the future, but that doesnt mean that he'll treat her any different. She can still stay there with Gambit (if they do end up together).
I think the cover (and any possible similar happenings inside the issue itself) is just meant to a nod to 616 Gambit & Rogue. They probably won't hook up in Ultimate, at least not permanently.

I'm still hoping Ultimate Wolvie carves Ultimate Gambit up like an Ultimate Christmas Ham.

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