Gambit--Was there substance to his reappearance or was he just there to shut fans up?

Well, to be honest, what else could Vaughan do with him? The voices were said to be just that he got his powers from tampering with his genetics. In a way, the Ultimate Sinister is a lot like Geldoff.
If we are going on mutants go through a trauma that ignites the junk DNA responsible for mutation which even humans have, then it is possible that no superhero gets their powers accidently... and the Earth X Wagon keeps on rolling.
Sinister didn't get his powers accidently. Fury said that he was testing on himself, which means he willingly induced himself with whatever would give him those kinds of powers. My guess is LSD...
In the ultimate universe Sinister was experimenting with hurban-steath and hypnotics suggestions. He tested on himself and ended up crazy. Apocalypse didn't give him his powers, his powers made him crazy and them he started to "see" Apocalypse.
Well, then all we know is that Sinister wanted to become stronger when he thought himself weak, no? That may be where his belief in Darwinism comes into play...
ok it's like everyone ignores the fact that he put Xavier in a trance... something more than sinister had to be able to do that... not just a freak accident Sinister wasn't crazy Apoc is real... and this is why when I pick up the issues and read it I'm not surprised and you guys will be like holy Sh*t ... just like the X-Men will be cos they don't see it coming cos they think Essex is crazy too...
Hypnosis would still work on telepaths. There's nothing that suggests Sinister did anything other than his hypnotizing eyebrow wiggling mojo working thingamajig.
Caduceus said:
Hypnosis would still work on telepaths. There's nothing that suggests Sinister did anything other than his hypnotizing eyebrow wiggling mojo working thingamajig.

Right on.
Well, I, too, thought that it was a little awkward to see Xavier taken down so easily with Sinister. Maybe Apocolypse does exist because, between him and Sinister, he seems like the most reasonable person to be able to take him down, you know? Hmm...
It just makes sense to me. All things consider, mind you. Xavier has been seen doing some pretty wild stuff, especially in this title. Don't you remember when he shut down the Phoenix???
I reckon that telephaty and hypnoses are two differents animals. When Xavier looked Sinister in the eye, he was dealing with a hole different thing.

With telephaty the professor screw peoples brains. Sinister eye mojo could only control people's body, Angel, for instance, knew he was chocking himself but couldn't stop. Essex hypnos's is optic estimulation that control's the body.

Even tough Xavier was aware of what was happening, he could not attack Sinister with his mental powers because Essex is invisible to everything but the naked eye (telephaty included).
As a counsellor I am also a qualified hypnotherapist. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HYPNOTISE ANYBODY. You can only hypnotise yourself. Hypnotherapists do not hypnotise people, they merely guide people through the process so they can focus internally.

What you lot are talking about is somnambulism, (or spelt something like that) this effects about 2% of the population who are very easy to suggest things to. WHen you see a stage hypnotist he is not perfoming hypnotism but working with this 2%. Anyone can work with this 2% if the 2% are up for it.

I don't think that Xavier is someone who can be influenced easily, (after all he is one of the most powerful telepaths in the Universe.

In the X2 movie, Xavier is being mind controlled my a mutant illusionist, not a hypnotist.

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