Games you want to see made?


Apr 18, 2007
Hello. What games do you want to see made?

I'd like to see a Punchout game for the Wii.

I'm debating this, but a sequel to Spore.
My dream game would be a graphical adventure game that applies the narrative conventions of 30s pulp detective stories to a prehistoric setting, but also involving era-appropriate version of present-day CSI-style forensic investigation -- cro-magnon noir, I guess. No, seriously.

And the gameplay -- linear as it may be -- would require the player to solve puzzles by using Flintstones-style logic. So there would be puzzles involving contemporary technology (MP3 players, flash drives, cellular phones, texting etc.) or settings (seedy punk hangouts, corporate headquarters, etc.), but the player would need to figure out how to make it work, in a caveman setting, in order to advance.

In spite of these modern-day trappings, the story would totally be something out of a dime store novel from the Depression era: all corrupt business magnates, dirty cops, femme fatales with missing husbands, etc.

The overall A-plot would involve stopping a businessman/scientist from speeding up evolution for everybody but himself, so that he can reap the profits, when the rest of civilization turns into fossil fuel. (Because he's a sick misunderstood visionary like that.)
[IMGL][/IMGL]Roberta Williams approves of this design!!

Sadly she offers the following reason as to why your game is a non-possibility:

Back when I got started, which sounds like ancient history, back then the demographics of people who were into computer games, was totally different, in my opinion, then they are today. Back then, computers were more expensive, which made them more exclusive to people who were maybe at a certain income level, or education level. So the people that played computer games 15 years ago were that type of person. They probably didn't watch television as much, and the instant gratification era hadn't quite grown the way it has lately. I think in the last 5 or 6 years, the demographics have really changed, now this is my opinion, because computers are less expensive so more people can afford them. More "average" people now feel they should own one.
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Is it just me, or has mole gone from an Awesome Level of about 4 to an Awesome Level of about 9, over the course of the last week?
Thanks guys.

And WOOHOO , My first (and mostly likely only) POTD :D

oh and Zombipanda , The Moles level of Awesomeness is about -100000 :lol:
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I was bored so :


There are Different armies to choose from, from different eras.
Generation 1 - Autobots , Decepticon
Beast wars– Maximals , Predacons
Armada – Autobots , Decepticon
Movie – Autobots , Decepticon


Description: Genetically designed for superior fighting capability,
Normal are best fighting other infantry units toe-to-toe.
Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol (alternative lasers)
Secondary Weapons: Grenades

Heavy weapons
Manual Description: Heavy weapons specializes in
anti-vehicular combat. These units carry a powerful rocket launcher, but its
effectiveness against infantry is limited.
Secondary Weapons: Grenades , Mines

Manual Description: The sharpshooter is a long-range threat to infantry with
the sniper rifle.
Primary Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: grenades .

Manual Description: The engineers support the army by repairing
friendly equipment and establishing defences, and when the need arises, they
demolish foes emplacements with their landmines

Primary Weapons: Shotgun, repair laser
Secondary Weapons: Landmines , Ammo Dispenser


Manual Description: The commanders are specially designed to lead their army into battle. They can temporarily empower nearby ranks with confidence.
Primary Weapons: Machine gun, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Rally, RC bomb (think mini con like soundwave used and were used in armada)


Manual Description: This highly mobile warrior has the ability to transform into air Vehicles that allows flight [tap jump, then again for flight]. He is a master at ambushes and disruption with his bomb
Primary Weapons: Bomb (in Vehicle mode), Heavy duty Pistol
Secondary Weapons: grenades


Throughout the game, you will have chances to play as a hero. These people are
characters from the cartoon/movie.comics. Like Optimus Prime , Megatron and more. You'll know when you can play as a hero, as
it will come up at the bottom of the screen 'Play as --------?' and will show
the D-Pad, with left labelled 'YES' and right labelled 'NO'. So just push
D-Pad Right and choose the CP to spawn at.
Heroes do not have health, but have a 'Hero Meter' instead. The way it works
is that when you get shot, or hit or whatever, the meter will drop. When
you're just standing around, not doing anything, it will drop automatically.
The way to increase the meter is to kill enemies.

Playing the Game

Energon posts!

posts are strategic points on all of the maps in the game. There are
about five of them on each, give or take and your brilliant victory,
or crippling defeat hinges on these CPs. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, reinforcements are deployed at the CPs you control, so if you have
none left, there'll be nowhere for you to spawn at so in technical terms...
you're screwed. Unless, that is, one of your allied soldiers captures another
CP. Also, the team that has the least command posts will start losing
reinforcements automatically. So, how do you win them?

Capturing Them

All right, now how the hell do you capture them? Simple. But first, you have
to be able to tell who owns the real estate, so to speak. Blue is yours, red
is your opponents, and white is prime for the taking.

to capture a command post, you have to first fight off all enemy
opposition in the immediate area around the CP. Once that's done, your faction
symbol will appear on one side of the screen, fully red. The red will slowly
drain out of the symbol, as long as you hold the area around the CP. Once the
red drains completely, it will begin filling... with blue! Once it's full, you
own the post. Reinforcements will now appear here

Medals and Points

Gunslinger |Precision Pistol |6 Kills with Pistol
Frenzy |Elite Rifle |12 Kills with Blaster Rifle
Demolition |Guided Rockets |4 Critical Hits vs. Vehicles
Technition |Vehicle Heal |Slice into a Vehicle
Marksman |Particle Rifle |6 Headshots with Sniper Rifle
Regulator |Flechette Shotgun |8 Kills with Shotgun
| |
Endurance |Energy Recuperation|8 Points
Guardian |Shielding |16 Points
War Hero |Damage Increase |24 Points


You get awarded a new rank as you gain medals. The reward for a new rank is
being able to get more allies to follow you with the squad command. It's also
cool to be a general.

Rank |Reward |Requirement
Private |Lead 1 Man|0 Medals total
Sergeant|Lead 2 Men|20 Medals total
Captain |Lead 3 Men|100 Medals total
General |Lead 4 Men|300 Medals total

[Game modes]

  • Conquest – Move around a map trying to take over locations
  • Instant Battle – set up what battle you want
  • Story Mode – re-live classic battles and play through each generation
  • Online. – Go online for Instant Battle types with friend

Instant Battle types : Normal , Capture the Matrix , Hunt! (Hunt = one team plays as the bad guys the others as Mini-cons and then it plays as normal)

[Locations] :

  • Chaar
  • Cybertron
  • Earth
  • Femax
  • Gigantion
  • Goo
  • Jungle Planet
  • Junk
  • Klo
  • Lithone
  • Nebulon
  • Planet X
  • Thrull
  • Unicron
  • Velocitron

note : If your wondering yes this is basically Star wars battlefront II with transformers but It's a dream
I would probably play it. Just for the robot on robot action.

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