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Aug 16, 2005

Couldn't find thread for it when I searched

"John Hancock" centers on a tortured superhero (Will Smith) who crash-lands in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and tries to transform himself by romancing an alluring housewife, causing chaos in the city.

Here is some pics , nothing majoy but shows him as John Hancock

more info and pics
Re: John Hancock

Finally watched the teaser.

As great as Will Smith is in general, it looks kind of stupid and bad.

Which is why it's going to be so funny. I can't explain why it feels this way, but I think it's somehow going to work.

Even I'm confusing myself right now... :?

No, the trailer just cracked me up. :)
Re: John Hancock

Shouldn't the title of the thread just be called "Hancock"?

Also....I just found out that Peter Berg is directing. Thus meaning this will be awesome as he can do no wrong in my eyes.

The guy is 4 for 4 in great movies.

Also....I find it funny the swear filter will allow me to type "Hancock"......but as soon as I type "Josie and the *****cats"----BAM! Swear filter. Weird.

Just a few comments.
Re: John Hancock

Shouldn't the title of the thread just be called "Hancock"?

your right , when I created it every site i saw called it "John Hancock" but now the name has changed. So could a Mod alter title please?
Re: John Hancock

This movie was originally going to be titled Tonight, He Comes.

I would've been like "Yeah, all over the July 4th Weekend Box Office, *****!".

*pause for laughter*

But seriously, I'm so divided about this. One the one hand, it's Will Smith and Jason Bateman, and Doom's right that Peter Berg's done some cool stuff. On the other.... meh. It just looks kind of dumb and stuff.:|
Re: John Hancock

I try not to look too deep into Will Smith movies.

Either it's a big summer sci-fi blockbuster.....or it's a fall/winter epic drama. Either way, I'm 100% entertained.

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