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Oct 23, 2005
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I love the Potter games so much.

Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber Of Secrets, and Prisoner Of Azkaban were all pure gold. There are few things I can think of that could be more enjoyable than free-roam exploring a fully-formed Hogwarts, casting spells at your leisure, finding secret passages, attending classes, playing Quidditch, or even just hopping on a broomstick or Hippogriff and soaring over the castle and the grounds with complete freedom. Chamber Of Secrets especially was just perfect.

For the Goblet Of Fire game, they decided to pointlessly turn it into a level-based action game with single-button, random spell-casting and missions that had nothing to do with anything. It was generally fun, but paled in comparison to the other games.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to say that the new Order of the Phoenix game has gone back to the sandbox concept and looks like it could be the best yet. Can't wait to play it while in full Potter mode after seeing the movie/re-reading Half-Blood Prince.

So.... does anybody else play them?
I played the first one and it was terrible. I have no desire to play any others. Quidditch was the only redeeming factor.
I have the original on Playstation One.
I have the original on Playstation One.

Whole different game, then. I have the one you're talking about too, it was for PC, N64 and PS1. It wasn't free roaming and was one of the last games out before the new generation consoles hit the market.

Still good, though. I actually dreamed about being in it(or something like it) the other night.

You should play the newer ones. What Potter fan wouldn't love a free-roaming Hogwarts?
I played the first one and it was terrible. I have no desire to play any others. Quidditch was the only redeeming factor.

if you liked Quidditch on it you should get the stand alone Quidditch game
I went off Harry Potter after Book 5. I don't desire to do anything except read the books.

And Mole, I am going to ignore your recommendation because it's "not my thing."
The new Order of the Phoenix game is incredibly awesome. Hogwarts is HUGE.... it might be the actual same size it is in the movie. Just going through every listed location on the Marauder's Map took like 5 minutes.

The graphics are terrific, everybody looks identical to their movie counterpart and every brick in the walls is detailed. Also, every single picture on the walls (hundreds and hundreds) is alive and moves.

Coolest of all, however is the new spell system. Rather than equipping spells to buttons, you can now use any spell at any time once you learn it, because they're now performed by different joystick movements which mimick your wand movements in the game(Wingardium Leviosa requires a swish-and-flick type action, you flick your wand toward you for Accio, for Reparo you continuously rotate it until the object is completely fixed, etc.).

Seriously, if you're looking for the perfect Harry Potter fix, this is it.

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