Heavenly Sword

I hope so. It's one of the games I'll be picking up when I eventually buy a PS3. Something in the back of my head, though, is telling me its going to be disappointing. . .I don't know why.
The demo is available for download from the PSN today. I heard it's really short but really sweet.
I've been playing the demo, over and over and over and over....

I cannot wait.
the game look awsome and it got great reviews I'm thinking of getting it along with the slew of titles I plan to get when I purchase my PS3 next year (Since all of the games i've wanted for the PS3 have been delayed untill 08 except one Ninja Gaidan Sigma) just one question: does anyone know if the main character of heavenly sword be back for the 2nd instalment or if it will be an all new main character in HS2? Oh and one more thing why would the creators want to make this a trilogy only? if it's sucessful woulden't they want to make a HS4?

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Ign only gave this a 7.0 overall, mostly because it's too short and there is little replay value

take that with a grain of salt the game still looks awesome
Just got done beating it....

Loved it, for the most part, but there's a scene involving Kai and Flying Fox that made me want to destroy my PS3.

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