How do you organize your comics?

Yeah, mine are in boxes. Not comic boxes, just regular boxes. None are bagged or boarded (unless they caem that way as back issues), and the only organization I have is separating the Ultimate books from everything else.
Okay...lessee...All my Silver Age stuff is in the attic (4 long boxes and a diamond box). All my modern stuff is under my bed (about 5 1/2 long boxes). They're organized alphabetically by company (yeah...I'm anal).
It's funny...before this, I had never thought of nor heard of using Diamond boxes to store comics.
I have a completely random method to my comics.

I stack 'em in a box, and link them in whatever way they link in my head. Sometimes that'll be "All the Batmans" or "All the Alan Moore" or "All the Adam Hughes" or "All the other Marvel stuff I have" or whatever the hell.

I never rememebr which box has what.

Meh. I rock.
I don't collect single issues, but the ones I do have just get shoved in a box or a pile.

My trades go on a shelf, and they're all organized into certain imprints, such as Ultimate Marvel, Wildstorm, Marvel, Vertigo, DC etc. Of course, now I'm running out of room, so I might have to have a Marvel and a DC shelf.
I have a pit, that I dug up one afternoon, with a dehumidifier and a pitbull named George.

There, I organize them in strange ways, to throw off any rogue invader into the pit of comics.

Or, I store them on a bookshelf haphazardly.
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Due to lack of space in my room I have 2 stacks of short boxes 2 boxes high.
Top left is Unread Ultimate books (trying to read each series in issue order and I bought cheap bulk lots on ebay). Top right is unread + read non ultimate stuff. Bottom left is read Ultimate stuff and bottom right is double issues that I wanna get around to selling one day.
I used to have 2 filing cabinets where i filed everything properly but now because im heading off to university everything has just been put into comic-book longboxes in no particular order except i tried to keep them as close to an A-Z as i could. i keep most main events all together such as civil war. im shocked at how much space civil war is taking up. i also visited the comic book store this week and gave them a list of my TPB`s which i am selling to see if they are interested. i have to get rid fo so much junk but i will NOT get rid of my comics
Usually in alphabetical order.Paperbacks are in another containment,i keep comic issues and books seperately.I dont really buy issues anymore,just paperbacks that catch my attention.
I only collect the ultimate line. I bag and board em and put em in a box.

Ultimates 1 then 2
then all the minis the teamup and everything else in no particular order all spaced with tabbed dividers.
After Wizard World Philly this past June, I ended up with several large stacks of comics (I picked up complete runs of a couple of titles, plus some individual issues), to which can be added a bunch of comics I bought back in the 1970s and 1980s, and my collection of Rex Libris. Like Entropy, I buy comics to read them. The problem is that most of the back issues come in bags, with or without boards, and taking them out of the bag every time I want to read them becomes a hassle. I've spent the last few weeks trying to figure out how to store all these comics.

I've stared making my own "trades" out of them. I have instructions for making the cover of a journal out of matt board and fancy paper, and I altered the directions to use fabric instead of paper. I cut two covers and a book spine from the matt board; each side is about 1/8 inch larger than the size of the comic, and I stack the number of comics I expect to put in the cover and measure the height. That measurement becomes the width of the spine, which is also cut to the same height as the covers.

I then lay the pieces out on the fabric I'm going to use and cut the fabric an inch or so larger on all four sides than the size of the covers/spine. I iron double-sided adhesive to the back of the fabric, then peel off the paper and iron it to the front of the cover/spine, fold the fabric to the inside of the covers, and finish ironing it. Then I cut fabric about the same size as the open "book", fold the raw edges inside, and iron on a second piece of adhesive. After peeling off the paper, I iron it to the inside of the covers, hiding all the raw edges. (You can use plain craft glue for this instead, but I'm always afraid that will show through the fabric on the outside covers.)

Because a picture might help, here are two photos from Book Arts, which is a whole book on how to make books and journals:

Like the pages above, the comics are tied into the cover with a piece of ribbon through the middle of each comic

The ends of the ribbons are tied together on the outside of the spine. This makes for a nice book that can sit on a shelf, but also allows me to read the issues whenever I want without having to mess with bags.

I could probably buy binders to put the comics in, but the advantage to this system is that I can make the books as large or small as I need them. I can also color coordinate the outer fabric to character's costumes or to something in the comics themselves. (For example, the binder that holds my 70s Dr. Strange comics looks like stitched leather, which would correspond to a spell book or other ancient tome.)

It sounds like a lot of work, but honestly, the hardest part is finding the right fabric to give the look and feel of the comics inside. :D I can now whip one of these out in about 20 minutes.
That's really cool. :D

It's only now that my comic and trade collection is getting really big. At the moment, I have my most important, ongoing collections stacked in my bedside locker and then over in the bottom of my wardrobe I have all my trades, plus the latest issues of Invincible which I've stacked on top of its trades.

The problem with putting them in my wardrobe is that I never see them unless I actually physically look for them. This takes the pleasure away from an old trade just catching your eye and leafing through it again, remembering how you felt when you first read it. I have a large bookcase, but that's taken up primarily of all my Superman DVD sets as well as all of my action figures. On the bottom shelf, I have a load of comics as well; mostly back issues or stuff that just caught my eye at the time. I'm looking to get a new bookcase (I saw one the other day that would be perfect for stacking comics and trades), but I don't know if I'll have the space in my room for it.
Five Long Boxes, Four Short Boxes for my singles, one of those spinning standing comic book racks for the comics I'm currently reading... and my Trades take up a little over five shelves (three on my bookcase, two on my desk), not to mention the piles of unorganized Trades and Comics sprawled across my desk and in the trunk of my car.

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