Hulk vs Wolverine


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Yeah Hulk will probably survive because he is on the cover of Ultimates 2 #12
BerserkerX said:
I don't care who wins, I just want a clear winner. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.

Wolverine will get the advantage over Hulk during the six-issue comic and so will Hulk over Wolverine.

In the end, Wolverine will go back to the X-Men, since the X-Men can't survive without their #1 mutant, and Hulk will either be living on some stranded area living peacefully or back with the Ultimates.

Welcome, BeserkerX! (Can't say that name without yelling. :D)

Apparently, Mark Millar was asked by Marvel to do Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine at the inception of the Ultimate universe and he said no because of the reasons you said above, "Why do what's been done before loads of times". However, Mark Millar seems to think this mini is superbly well done, which would mean that these particular concerns have been addressed and fixed.

I, like you, am expecting a pathetic cop-out of a fifth and sixth issue, but I really hope Mark Millar is on the ball and this is isn't going to be like that.

Part of me thinks it won't be Hulk vs Wolverine, but those two team-up to fight She-Hulk or some such misanthrope who uses the second hulk serum for their own advantage - not that that's any better, mind you. I just have this feeling that's what will happen. We'll see...
I dunno... I see them both heading for DC to fight the liberators. That's if it ties in to Ultimates. I remember the head liberator saying he wanted the FF and XM in Washington. So, then why would wolverine go to the mansion? But I'm still a little confused about all the timelines.

Oh...and as for an "intelligent" Hulk ruling over Wolverine, have you forgotten the Wolvie's the most dangerous mutant on the planet and that he has countless years of intense military training? You're not giving him enough credit for his background. And seriously, what does banner know about fighting? He's big and that's it. I think it's harder to fight a crazy, unpredictable hulk than a hulk who is smarter but isn't gonna be as aggressive or intense.

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