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Apr 14, 2006
Ottawa, KS
I found this book for fifteen bucks, used at a Hastings, and decided to pick it up because Alan Moore is generally entertaining. I'm not sure what I just got myself into, however, because the trade starts collecting books in the mid-thirties of the original series. What should I know, going into this book? Is there a lot of history I need to know about to enjoy it?
I read one arc (ordered the trade by mistake) and it was weak. Bad art, average story.
Was the arc you read from Alan Moore's run, or a previous (or later) one?

I'm praying I didn't just waste fifteen bucks.

I guess I'm going to have to cowboy up and read it.

I did buy it, after all.

Maybe I can sell it to some sucker for $20. It's got a cover of $30, I think.
I thought Moore's Spawn/WildC.A.T.s was hilarious, solely for the bizarre future-slang he made up for teh future.
The first arc is alright. Decent idea on the whole return to Khera storyline. The second arc was part of a huge crossover and they only give you the Alan Moore bits so theres alot mossing. The best part of all of it was Tao.
In so far as I know, Alan Moore, when he began writing some Wildstorm stuff, looked at the market and saw the "Image style" (big splashes, lots of action) selling insanely well and wondered if he could do it. Later, he realised that was faulty thinking.

I dunno what it's like, but I do know that Alan Moore is never someone you have to worry about continuity with. If he starts a series on #30 and goes on to #40, you'll be fine for those 10 issues.
All you need to know is that the original WildCATs team are presumed dead, but have secretly gone to the alien planet Khera, the homeworld of some of the team members.

On Earth, Zealot's sister Savant and Mr. Majestic form a new WildCATs team.
I think this is also worth reading, cuz you can gather up pretty much everything you need to know about the wildstorm universe in it's image years.

Basically the facts about the war that the wildcats dicover on khera, changes the comic kinda completely. Spartan and Grifter go into that big corporation thing, in vols 2 and 3. And I like those stories cuz they're no longer about a superhero team, and aren't written with a villain they have to fight each arc.

and once you know about Tao you know all you need to know to dive straight into Point Blank and Sleeper. Lots of sean phillips goodness.

It's still Moore, I rate it above any other wildcats from the first volume. They hold together pretty well, if you ignore the crossover issues, there's basically 2 stories. Wildcats in Khera, and then the brewing gang war.

I think you found this tpb cheap cuz they've re-released all his wildstorm stuff together in one hardback.

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