I know no blogging.

I commented.
All this Cabana talk has me thinking of a new arc.
I propose a new spin-off.

"The Memoirs of Message Board of Pleasure: An Erotic Tale".
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I miss Wade.

But he's in a better place now
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Wade Wilson would like you to know that he is going to shank you all. Seriously.

Also, he is displeased that VVD is also obsessed with the OC and he is afraid of turning into Doom. Seriously, this one time, he kept IMing me "CALIFOOORNIAAAA!" in the middle of a conversation. It was freaky.

I love Wade. He's so huggable.

Also, if my character and his character in the UC:FF hook up, he's throwing a tantrum and leaving the Internet forever. For reals.

This is funny.

For only reasons that me and Doom know about.

And it has nothing to do with the Fanfic.
Why would he delete it?
Why would he delete it?

I saw his last post saying something about starting a new one with 2 other friends or something. He also wants to dodge the people from a message board he use to post at...

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