Ideas for new Ultimate X-Men teams


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Oct 15, 2004
erm, okay lads and lasses, I own a comic shops in the UK and Holland. I regularly do comic fares, including the biggest in the UK at Bristol. Last year we had Jim Lee on our table/stall doing sketches and signing. He did me a great Mary Jane, (took about 20 minutes, inked it as well!) and then did me a sketch of Longshot. Jim drew Longshot during his stint on uncanny X-men, (I think this was around the early to mid 200s). At first he said he couldn't remember what he looked like, but that didn't work for him as I had all my Uncanny x-mens for him to sign!!! But he was not prepared to give him a mullet. So, he gave him Morten Harket style hair cut, which worked!!! It looked just like Longshot should look like.

I think it is very possible that with all of the extra Ultimate X-men appearing that we could be seeing another Ultimate X-men team forming. Longshot/Dazzler/Gambit/ as founding members maybe, Storm could leave as she is having trouble getting over Hank and after this week's trouble with Logan, she might need some time away from the normal X-men team. Just ideas, anyone got other suggestions?

Of all the mutant characters available who should be in the next Ultimate X team? And what shold it be called? If you are not going to suggest an old name try avoiding names like Ultiamte Xceptional or Ultimate Xciting or Ultimate Xtinct. How about the Ultimate Mutaneers? (cause they have left the original team... get it?
"and after this week's trouble with Logan"

erm... not to cause offence and I hope everyone remains nice and friendly on this site, but in what way have I spoilt the issue? unless you have read it you won't know what I am talking about. All it says is there is trouble with Logan. This could mean that Logan is in trouble, or Logan is been a pain in the arse, or that Logan has been nice which would be unusual for Logan and as such that spells trouble. Further more I posted this statement as a reply on a different thread. I think a mod such as UltimateE turned it into a thread, (I'm not sure... just speculating), and if this was the case the mod would have read this and if they had a problem with it they would have said something. I hope you did not use this as an excuse to pick a fight, as I have no desire to to argue.
I recieved my copy of the latest issue of Ultimate X-men last Thursday, hence why I felt okay to discuss it. Would Ricky or a mod or anyone else care to let me know how long should we wait before we discuss an issue that has already come out incase we spoil it for someone else?

Also, as I did not invent this thread and someone else found it interesting enough to turn my reply into a thread... would anyone care to answer the questions which I have posed.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone :lol: :lol: a happy monday!
LSJL - discussion on any issue - past, current, or upcoming - is fine. I think that we agreed a while back that if the issue is the current one, spoilers should be marked. At the point that the next issue is out, it should be assumed that enough of us have read the previous issue that spoilers shouldn't matter.

This topic was split off a different topic - the Longshot one I believe. And no, there are no spoilers in this post - nothing that needs to be marked as such anyway.
And yes - happy Monday to you too ;) Nice to see a shop owner amongst us.
I think the proliferation of X-Teams in the 616 is the main reason I don't follow any X-Men books. It's just too hard to get a complete & straight forward story out of any of it.

That being said, I hope Marvel doesn't get up to their old tricks and make another Ultimate X-Team, or at least, name another book after them. I know there's a lot of characters out there in the Ultimate Universe, but that doesn't mean another book should be added. I like what they are doing now, bringing folks in for a story arc and then letting them go.

I don't want to come off as sounding too negative, but I think another X-Book would just make things more complicated, and isn't the Ultimate Universe about making these stories accessable and easy to understand?
true Jerry, I concur.

However, does this mean that there should only be one team or just one title?

Is it possible to have every x-man featured in 616 without having more than one team?

Maybe certain characters should never be Ultamized?

Marvel have to make money. Everyone of their characters are a potential franchise and so they are going to test each one in order to discover their worth. This may only be able to happen by increasing the number of teams or comics or solo titles.

Maybe the way around it is not to make another team like the X-men which does the same thing as the x-men but simply runs alongside due to the overflow of characters. Instead, give them a specific reason for existing, maybe an international team.
As much as I would love to see another team, I don't think it is feasible. For one thing, that would mean that the titles would have to, sort of, relate to each other, at least if we were following LSJL's idea, and that would be too messy... We'd have the X-Men well into a story and people are getting killed off or whatever and in the other title there would still be Beast or whoever... Just an example. I'm just trying to say it will get messy.

The cast should be big, I think, I sort of like it like this, especially, the way Vaughan writes them all.
I could see a couple minis of other teams, or an Institute mini, focusing on the training and handling of new recruits. A little reminder that the Institute is a school for mutants. This would be a few uears off though. Could have some special teams mini's like a SHEILD team mini featuring the likes of Karma, or the STRIKE team which would have Psylocke. The min format would keep things roatating nicely giving just enough exposure without a glut of titles. No more than five Ultimate titles at a time is a good policy (maybe six but that's the absolute maximum).
I think it would be cool if there were an Excalibur team that was allies with the X-Men. Led by Captain Britain, the team would consist of Psylocke, Meggan, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat. It would be funded by STRIKE. But since Captain Britain is appearing in Ultimates most likely apart of the Defenders this is not very likely. Another one is Alpha Flight. Sort of like a Canadian version of The Ultimates. They could appear in an arc of X-Men or something.
I would love Captain Britain to be leading Excalibur again. I have every issue of the Alan Davis stuff. Just a pity that he ain't a Mutant. I do like the idea of Nightcrawler and Shadowcat working together though. These are two mutants who are able to get in and out of buildings, etc.
I have copyrighted an idea where various super-heroes/villians are brought together because of their "thief-like" abilities. To switch the storyline over to the Marvel Universe, we could have Nick Fury bring such characters together. This MAGNIFICENT crack unit of SEVEN characters, would then be teleported to 6 far away planets to retrieve a piece of a jigsaw, (this jigsaw could be a weapon, an energy device, a map, whatever).
The problem is that Nick knows very little about the culture of technalogical stage of development of these planets, which means it isn't until the 7 characters land on the particular planet that they know what kind of security systems they have.
The planet could be like Tatooine, or the Amazon, or super advanced, or Medevil.
This could be called erm... erm... let me think... Ultimate Capers?
A 7 part mini series to use some of the mutant characters that are being sidelined at the moment.

Any other ideas?

(Of course all of these ideas shold include Longshot!!! :wink: )
Well, that idea seems to me like more of a 616 idea.

I think that the seven would include Black Cat, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Shadow Cat, Spider-Man, Invisible Woman, and, sure, why not, Longshot!
Good combination of men and women. I'd love to see Sue split off from UFF for a bit.

I think the Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury would be the only one to instigate this team, I can't see the George Clooney Nick Fury doing it, that's why I felt it should be Ultamized.

See, we all know the characters in depth so I feel it would be better to come up with the storyline and then match the characters to plot, rather than thinking of a team and then trying to build a story around them.

They have to have a reason for coming together.

I also like your team because we have 3 mutants, 3 humans and a genetically modified humanoid.

Have you got a plot idea Goodwill, (or anyone else), to build a team around?
Hmm... Well, I chose that team based on who I thought could do the best job doing a black-ops mission. Black Widow would most likely be a better candidate than Longshot, but I wanted to please you, LSJL, I need friends around here!

I would think that they could be the ones responsible for acquiring information from something of an organization that is a threat to that of SHIELD. HYDRA, for example, could be introduced and they would be brough togetther to infiltrate it's headquarters. The Ultimates are the first option if a war were to break out, but Fury is trying to keep this as clean as possible... Since the chaos in the Ultimate Six mini-series with vague leads, he could bring this team together to get the job done without cameras popping up in his face. Who knows, dude, I'm only a fan fic writer who's supposed to be able to think on his feet. I think I just failed. :)
Nah, it was okay, but I was initially trying to put together a team as in Ocean's 11, so it wouldn't have to involve killers, etc in there.

Longshot could use his luck to crack safe codes!!!

Also, his acrobatic ability would have come in useful for dodging infer red beams, etc.
It sounds good but I don't really get the inclusion of the Invisible Woman. She hasn't been shown as any kind of theif or whatever in Ultimate U and, I'm not an FF reader in 616 but I don't think that there is a lot ofevidence there either
The thing is caddy, Sue can make herself invisible and shecan make other things invisible/people invisible. As such this makes her ideal material for Nick Fury to demand that she works for him, even though it is something she would do willingly. But your point is valid, so, who else in the Marvel universe is capable of invisibility?
Yeah but couldn't he make something invisible? I'm by no means a Doc Strange expert; I don't know.