I'm Terrified


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not really. I don't really get terrified, unless, for instance, I'm being chased by a pack of genetically engineered sabertooth tigers, with mechanisms grafted to their backs that propel spinning buzzsaws at over 250 MPH and hearts crafted from the ice floating the the Lake of the Fifth Circle of Hell.

But even in that instance, I wouldn't be so much terrified as STARRING IN THE GREATEST SYNDICATED ACTION-ADVENTURE SHOW THAT WAS NEVER MADE!

So I'm not terrified. But I'm worried. And I'm a little interested and expectant. and that makes me feel a little guilty. But mostly I'm drunky and tweaky. Something bad's going to happen, soon. Bush's inner circle look like John Gotti's mafia, if John was just a little bit retarded. On the other hand, we have an army of mother****ers who are willing to commit any murderous, sociopathic crime, as long as it serves their agenda. And their agenda is to destroy as much as possible. And the scary part is these guys are educated. A number of the September 11 hijackers were well educated abroad, grew up in families that were not destitute, and families which were either irreligious or objectionably opposed to the radical groups these men were ****ed with. But they joined. I don't know. Maybe we're at the end of history or this is just the start of a negative slope in universal luck, but these guys are more like a religious cult. They're about as Muslim as the Children of God are Christian. It's the Cult of Kali with a nice Arabic flair and these kids who are otherwise bright are willing to become mere bullets for their cause. What makes a kid do that? If there's not a serious worldwide existential crisis, there should be. Because art is rapidly becoming fashion. Politicians are buying their way into office. Putin and Bush got into a dangerous argument and the only cable news source (or local, for that matter) that was COVERING it was the Daily Show. Everyone else was talking about this abducted kid, or Paris Hilton. And that's what these psychos are striking at, but it's not even America. It's like there's a looseness to the world right now. I think this is Vietnam all over again, but that's irrelevent. Something big's going to happen. Something huge. I don't know. I feel it. Maybe we'll get a Second Cold War. Then again, these radical Islamic strikes aren't like the IRA or Colombian guerilla fighters striking out. It's more like if the Manson family had risen up in the thousands and painted the USA red back in the sixties.

****ing scary.
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He's afraid about the state of affairs of the world

this is obviously the turning point of mankind.


My Boom-Boom's mostly gay
I really want to know what you just drank dude. I would like some of it.

It was after my birthday, so lots of free beer and a little champagne, and even more tequila. Plus some things I can't talk about.... and finally, an unsatisfying blowjob from my ex-girlfriend. It was a terrifying birthday.


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The world is no more dangerous than it's ever been.

We've had death cults that did horrendous acts, we've had inquisitions, we've had crusades and plagues. The only difference is, we have instantaneous news.

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