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Re: The Social Thread: Bringing Sexy Back (Vol. 6 of 42)


Holy ****.

That is the greatest thing EVER. MAKE A THREAD ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW.

As of this post, I've yet to make it past question 78(although I did have to use a skip on 72).

**** that game. I'm giving up on 56. I'll finish it later.

Just wait until you get to the final 10 and the last one is a REAL *****.
I saw this a while back. I forget how far I got before I gave up. If it had save points, I'd enjoy it a lot more. But having to go through the damn thing again and again... too much effort for me.
I'm stuck around 90 something....the movie theatre one. It's not that I can't figure it out, it's just hard.

There are a few I still haven't gotten though;
I've used skips for #72(SEARCH! screen), the horseshoe one, and the click what's missing from the question one.
There would have to be some awesome porn at the end of this for me to put that much effort into getting through it.


Wait, is there awesome porn at the end?
Somebody just tell me the answer to 15.

I like these things, but some of the questions give me headaches and I just want to skip them without getting too into it.

Actually, most of these questions so far don't make much sense to me.
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