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Aug 16, 2005
Couldn't find a thread for this but with what this is about there really should be one here.

inFamous is an upcoming sandbox-style video game for the Sony PlayStation 3 video game console.It is currently in development by Sucker Punch Productions, creators of Rocket: Robot on Wheels, and the Sly Cooper video game franchise

The game is a third-person sandbox world that combines elements of the superhero MMO City of Heroes with a roaming open-world, allowing the player to make choices between being a hero or an anti-hero that will affect the game.The player will also have access to electrical powers. The player will obtain them right at the beginning of the game.

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wikipedia said:
According to the Game Informer preview, inFamous follows the story of Dylan, a resident of a fictional Empire City.[4] However, in a recent interview with IGN, inFamous's director Nate Fox referred to the lead character as "Cole".At the start of the game, an explosion rips apart six city blocks, leaving behind a crater and Cole as the only survivor. The explosion has granted Cole several electricity-based powers, but he falls into unconsciousness, waking up two weeks later to find that Empire City has fallen into chaos; without police, gangs have taken over areas of the city, and a plague has infected many of the residents causing the city to be quarantined by the government. It is revealed by "The Voice of Survival", a surviving disk jockey that broadcasts across the city, that Cole was the cause for the explosion, and thus setting the population of Empire City against him. Cole must come to terms with his powers, and opt to help those in need or simply survive on his own, facing off against larger threats that have manifested in the city due to the explosion and its aftermath.

According to Fox, the team wanted to have Cole as a "kind of an everyman", such that they could then "get into the headspace of what it would be like to be a real human being who has been granted these exceptional abilities".While Cole is the main playable character, he is joined by two friends; Zeke, a conspiracy theorist and survivalist who becomes jealous of Cole's powers, and Trish, Cole's ex-girlfriend and medical student who resents him but still helps in treating the injured, a "Lois Lane with syringes" as stated by Sucker Punch.

Since it's wikipedia can NOT guarantee that is 100% correct.

But this looks great. It looks kind of like Spider-man web shadows with electric powers. If both are great with this , Dc universe , spider-man web of shadows , Superhero squad , Marvel Ultimate alliance 2 , Lego batman and more Ps3 is the superhero console
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I am so looking forward to this.

No villain option?

Pretty sure there is, or at least jackass anti-hero option.
Well, I'm impressed. I had heard about this game, and from what I had heard I was like "well, ok". But now seeing it... Wow. I'm in, definitely.

Also, I saw on Wiki that there was a Spring 2009 release date. Has anything solid been announced?
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this looks great,

The Sly team moved to this, the Jak team moved to Uncharted, the Ratchet team should move onto something new aswell (Lombax's are sooooo last generation)
All reviews so far seem to say it's awesome.

Can't wait to get it.
Venom, hey man. I saw you got the game. How far are you into it? I don't know how far I am, but the last ability I got was the shock grenade (I think that's what it's called).
I just got the game as well.

Have not played it yet though.

When you do, prepare to have a lot of fun.

G4 called this game the best that 2009 has had to offer so far and I would definitely have to agree.

The multiplayer thing for Uncharted 2 seems pretty interesting, too.