Inhuman by Charles Soule/Joe Mad


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That kind of makes me think maybe there aren't any. Like maybe he just told them that he would work on stuff without having anything specific lined up and with no real urgency in setting something up.

It makes sense. Sex Criminals was just named the best book of the year by Time (I think). It might be the encouragement he hoped for to do more of his own stuff.
It was confirmed that Fraction does have something else in the works at Marvel; it's just not being announced yet.


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No official word from Marvel, but apparently it was due to creator and editorial differences.

I heard they got into a slap fight over who got the last Starburst.

Which is completely understandable, they're delicious.


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This may just be the worst book Marvel is putting out. I get why the big push but I can't tell if it's Soule or editorial that is making this book suck so much. It's definitely not Mad because his art is always awesome. If it's editorial it's no wonder why Fraction left.

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