matt fraction

  1. Ice

    Inhuman by Charles Soule/Joe Mad

    Confirmed in Entertainment weekly, Matt Fraction is indeed writing a new Inhuman series (as long rumored). There's also going to be a crossover called Inhumanity where as it's put "Terrigen Mists spread across the world, triggering millions of dormant Inhumans and, well, basically giving us back...
  2. E

    Fantastic Four by Fraction/Bagley (spoilers)

    Well, #1 is out today. The best part about it is that Bagley's art isn't as bad as it's been or as I've been expecting this will be. The opening plot is that Reed discovers that the unstable molecules that make up his body (and likely the others' as well) are decaying. When was it established...
  3. Ice

    Avengers New Hawkeye ongoing (Fraction/Aja)

    C2E2 2012: FRACTION & AJA LET FLY WITH NEW HAWKEYE SOLO SERIES Today during Marvel’s Cup o’ Joe panel at Chicago’s C2E2, the publisher announced a new ongoing series for the character they’re calling the breakout star of Marvel’s The Avengers. Matt Fraction and David Aja, who previously...
  4. Ice

    Fraction's CASANOVA coming to Icon.

    Revealed at the Cup O' Joe Panel at C2E2: "Casanova" returns from Icon this year as well, first in trade form with remastered colors and new material before the Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon series starts up again with new stories.
  5. ProjectX2

    Avengers Thor (Fraction/Ferry) series discussion

    We have known Matt Fraction has been taking over Thor for a while now but now we know the artist: Pasqual Ferry. Excellent. I like him much more than Patrick Zircher.
  6. E

    Question about Iron Man issue numbering

    I'm trying to organize the info at TPBWiki Iron Man started with a new #1 (vol. 4) in 2005 (Extremis). It ran for 14 issues before becoming Iron Man: Director of SHIELD and continuing numbering as that. But how does the new Matt Fraction series fit into that? Did Director of SHIELD end with...
  7. Ice

    Dark Avengers vs. Uncanny X-Men: Six part crossover.

    All written by Matt Fraction and BMB as a consult.
  8. ProjectX2

    Uncanny X-Men series discussion (Spoilers!)

    The latest issue of Uncanny was a vast improvement over the dull first arc. We have Colossus encountering some evil person from his past, Emma taking a trip through Scott's mind and encountering his mysterious black box, and Beast and Angel meeting up with Mr. Nemesis, the supposedly co-creator...
  9. Gemini

    Avengers Invincible Iron Man discussion (Spoilers!)

    Taken from coming out just in time to capitalize on the new movie, as if we were'nt getting enough Iron Man anyhow, on the other hand I'm convinced that Fraction could write the hell out of this book. should be pretty good
  10. ProjectX2

    The Immortal Iron Fist #1-16 discussion [Fraction/Brubaker/Aja] [spoilers]

    Awesome start. I love Ed Brubaker, and Matt Fraction is pretty cool. Combine these two writers with David Aja's pulp style art? We have a winner. The first issue is about a Chinese billionaire proposing an offer to Danny Rand. Danny is suspicious and declines the offer. Later on, as Iron...
  11. thee great one

    Punisher (2009) series discussion (was Punisher War Journal) [spoilers]

    While it was a good start it was no where near the gold that is the MAX series. But this is the best Punisher I read outside of that.
  12. Caduceus

    Uncanny X-men Thread (spoilers)

    Alright. Someone posted a new batch of full issue previews (whoever it was thanks) that included Phoenix Endsong 2 and a couple of very interesting others. One of those others was Uncanny xmen whatever number it is now. Since I haven't heard anything specific about this issue i was...