Iron Man: Inevitable


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Feb 16, 2005
Now that Bendis is off of Daredevil and I've pretty much become sated by the character, I'm thinking of starting up on some Iron Man books. Obviously, Ellis' Iron Man and the Wells/Fisher Big In Japan are on my list.

But what about Inevitable? Does anybody read this series and have any thoughts on it?
I read the first two issues of Inevitable, and it's a solid, well illustrated and written, albeit far from ground breaking series. I'd recommend picking it up in trade, as I'm going to, because the story is fairly sparse. All in all though, definitely worth a check.

As for the Ellis/Granov run, no doubt, and Big In Japan is just perfect throwaway material.

Not too sure about the future of the core title considering the creative change in issue 7, but I'll at least give it a go.

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