Is Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four (2007) in continuity?

according to, it's supposed to be but the continuity is lazy and messy and it doesn't really fit in anywhere.

It was basically Marvel cashing in on the fact that Spider-Man 2 and FF:Rise of the Silver Surfer both came out in theatres that summer. And it doesn't sound like a very good story.
I haven't really read the series yet out of lazyness, but I skimmed through the pages and it seems like it fits between Spidey getting MJ back and joining the New Avengers. The way Peter talks to the Silver Surfer in the beginning is a bit weird though, makes me think it's not in-continuity. Does Marvel have an official stance about this?
Well, I tortured myself enough to start reading the series, and during it (issue #2) Reed Richards acts like he didn't know Franklin had powers, that coupled to the fact that Spider-Man acted like he didn't know the Silver Surfer (#1) makes me think of this as out of continuity (thank god for not having to read this crap :D)!

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