is this art?

It doesn't contribute to survival or reproduction so Scott McCloud would dub it art.

What are the white stripes made out of?

Looks like thermite...

*shifty looks and wanders off*
Thanks to the Postmodernism, anything you call art is art.

I could take a crap on a sheet of paper and someone out there would call it art.
Was anyone else expecting Pornography?

Yeah, I'd call that art. Strange art, but its a fairly creative use of his materials.
Reminds be of the big art attack (Not seen that shoe for years)

Looks cool dude
With ya, Mole.

:lol: I thought so , I think it's safe to say people 29 and under in the uk have sometime in their life seen art attack! not sure about other countries
You'd be surprized at what is cconsidered "art"

Yes you would , There is an art gallery I think over here where the "art" is a light been turned on and off. Wow .... at night time when I go to the toilet and it's dark , I make art before I pee. I'm an art genius!
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I don't know if it's art, but I like it!

*loads shotgun*

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