is this art?


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It doesn't contribute to survival or reproduction so Scott McCloud would dub it art.

What are the white stripes made out of?


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Thanks to the Postmodernism, anything you call art is art.

I could take a crap on a sheet of paper and someone out there would call it art.


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Was anyone else expecting Pornography?

Yeah, I'd call that art. Strange art, but its a fairly creative use of his materials.


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Reminds be of the big art attack (Not seen that shoe for years)

Looks cool dude


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You'd be surprized at what is cconsidered "art"

Yes you would , There is an art gallery I think over here where the "art" is a light been turned on and off. Wow .... at night time when I go to the toilet and it's dark , I make art before I pee. I'm an art genius!
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