James Bond - Casino Royale (spoilers)

I saw this yesterday.

I thought it was great, but waaay too long. They could have shaved 30 minutes off easily.

But I loved the very last scene.
Saw this tonight. I was underwhelmed. I loved the start, but after Le Chiffre (yes, I had to look that up) was killed, I think the story kind of fell apart. Others feel it was the pacing, which I guess I agree with.

But I did like it. Daniel Craig is a different Bond, but it doesn't make him a bad Bond.
Am I the only one who thinks there should have been a reason given why the bomber at the beginning had the agility of a gymnast/acrobat?
Am I the only one who thinks there should have been a reason given why the bomber at the beginning had the agility of a gymnast/acrobat?
Yeah, that was a bit ridiculous. Apparently the urban acrobatics stuff that you see in music videos and commercials is standard training for African bomb makers. But it was fun. I loved when the guy jumps through the little hole in the wall and Bond just comes smashing through it like the Hulk.

I also loved the "shaken or stirred" line.

"Do I look like I give a damn?"
I really want to read the novel, but my library only has two copies, and they've both been out for weeks. :(
I just saw this and I loved it. I had only a few problems, the opening credits sequence didnt fit, the part where he resigns didnt feel right, and number one complaint no classic Q scene, I like those :cry: . But the rest was great, the chase sequence in the beginning is easily the best action scene I've seen in a while.
Anyone who experienced the literature and the film have any comments about the accuracy?

The book is very similar to the movie (one of the most similar to its movie counterpart since On Her Majesty's Secret Service). The big action scenes are all new, however (the parkour scene and the Airport scene). Also, they play Texas Hold 'Em Poker in the movie, while Baccarat was the game of the book.

It is clear that they really wanted to pay homage to the book in a big way in this one.
"The job is done. The ***** is dead," is actually the final line of the book.
And although the card game is different in the movie; the 'stages' of the game are almost exactly the same in the movie as they are in the book
(Bond starts off well, makes one massive loss, Leiter bails him out because he has more confidence in Bond's ability than his own)
So, I watched this online after a friend insisted that I watched it. I had never seen a Bond movie before - I remember watching a slither of Goldeneye many, many, years back.

So, in conclusion. This movie was awesome. I loved it! The opening theme was awesome, the fight scenes were great, and the story was wondrous. I can't wait for the second movie in the Craig Continuity.
I finally seen this.

It was alright.

The free-running was the best part.

I was getting bored with the poker scenes and the 1 hour long ending.

But I did enjoy it enough.

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