Joe Q in a dunk Tank


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Dec 10, 2005

Joe Q said:
"Yes, I'm getting in the dunk tank. You heard me right, fanman!" said Quesada. "So you didn't like the death of Captain America? How 'bout the Spider-marriage? Can you say 'Disassembled'? Dead is dead? No smoking in Marvel Comics? Sure, you can snipe online. But can you snipe in person? Can you handle the pressure? Or do you throw like a girl?"

The top two bidders of an eBay auction will each get a chance to throw five balls to dunk Quesada. If they drop him in the drink, they'll win personally autographed copies of Fantastic Four #554. They'll also get bragging rights until the 12th of Forever! A separate release will be sent as soon as the auction starts, on/about Feb. 29.

"I dare you. Try and dunk me," Quesada said. "I'll be the driest guy in Orlando by the time you're done sweating. I unmarried Peter Parker and Mary Jane! I can do anything! BWAHAHAHAHA!"
So he purposely ****ed up Spider-man to make more money thanks to ebay ........ he's a diabolical fiend!
I'd hardly call that fair payback for what he has done.

However, his quote is hilarious.
They person who wins, should ask to put Tom Brevoort in the tank for this bit of douchebagery

Tom Brevoort's Blog @ said:
Spent about two hours yesterday in a big think-tank session concerned with finding ways to shake you guys up a little bit, and to cause some excitement. Which seems like a strange thing to talk about for so long, I know, but I think it's vitally important to the whole reading experience, and to the health and well-being of the marketplace as a whole.

And what was the kick-off point for this discussion? Why, success! If you look at the just-released standings for sales in January, you'll see that Marvel had 9 of the top-ten books in the industry, and that we came out way ahead in both dollars and unit sales. It's a situation that's been pretty stable for the past year--we won every month save one in 2007, and the one we lost we gave up not so much by being outperformed, but because we didn't ship a few key titles during the month.

And that's great for Marvel short-term, but it can be bad for the industry long-term. You may not believe it, but we like competition, we live for it. Without competition, we wind up growing bloated and slow and lazy. And right this moment, there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of competition coming from the other players in the field--so it falls to us to look inward and see if we can find new and better ways to goose things, to keep the excitement level up, to create energy.

I genuinely hope that DC's big crossover garners some heat, and makes it a horse race this year. For one, I never mind reading another good comic book, but beyond that, it's an essential motivator to keeping up your edge and striving to do more and more excellent work. There's no fun in a win if the other guys didn't really show up to play the game--and no shame in a loss if you played to the best of your ability, but the other guy was just a bit better this time out.

We've got our team all lined up for 2008, and it's a Murderer's Row. (And not that I fully believe that rumor about how strident the other guys have gotten about managing their deadlines necessarily, but I am willing to put down cash money that SECRET INVASION will have fewer pencilers...) So let the games begin!

In the meantime, watch the skies for some of the bizarre and probably ill-considered new concepts we'll be throwing out in the weeks and months to come. They may be stupid, or childish, or idiotic--but they won't be boring!

More later.

Tom B

This came off doucheier than Mitt Romney's concession speach
Maybe before tog dipped them in acid he typed in 1G0TP1NK8C1DB00TS0N


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