Jonathan Hickman on X-Men

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So I've mentioned a few times here that I'm not an X-Men fan by any means, but when they get it right...

Marvel and Jonathan Hickman Unveil Plans for 'Whole New Era' of X-Men

Hickman Explains Why He Convinced Marvel to Cancel the Entire X-Men Line

Basically the only time I really followed (and paid for) X-Men is during Grant Morrison's New X-Men run. This will bring me back.

He's doing two 6-issue minis then they are cancelling ALL of the books and Hickman will be writing two books that will have a back-and-forth story similar to what he did with Fantastic Four/FF and Avengers/New Avengers.

Hickman's Fantastic Four is my all-time favorite run on that book and I am totally geeked for him to not make the X-Men suck.