Jonathan Hickman on X-Men

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So I've mentioned a few times here that I'm not an X-Men fan by any means, but when they get it right...

Marvel and Jonathan Hickman Unveil Plans for 'Whole New Era' of X-Men

Hickman Explains Why He Convinced Marvel to Cancel the Entire X-Men Line

Basically the only time I really followed (and paid for) X-Men is during Grant Morrison's New X-Men run. This will bring me back.

He's doing two 6-issue minis then they are cancelling ALL of the books and Hickman will be writing two books that will have a back-and-forth story similar to what he did with Fantastic Four/FF and Avengers/New Avengers.

Hickman's Fantastic Four is my all-time favorite run on that book and I am totally geeked for him to not make the X-Men suck.

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It be interesting, that's for sure. And I'm not that familiar on Xmen lore, so I won't mind if he changes things to fit his story.

That was the one thing that annoyed me about his FF run and his subsequent Avengers run. He took alot of liberties on certain ideas and changed them up to fit the story he was telling, instead of using the Al Ewing method of taking what has been written and embracing it.

But still, if you take it away and enjoy it for a story, his stories are good.

I wonder how many circle on circle pictures we are going to get.

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So I read it.

I got a very Children of Tomorrow, Maker vibe, like what Hickman did with evil Reed Richards from the ultimate universe.

I'm doubting that's Xavier at all. I'm doubting any of them are actually 'real'. I think all these X Men are just manufactured children.

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