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NOTE: This story contain explict content


Chapter One - The Two Friends

On a beautiful spring morning in New York City is a young red head boy walking to school. The boy is young and only in the 5th grade. He has his bright yellow backpack on. He is wearing brown shoes
with the laces undone and his hair is a mess. He has a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt on with blue levis with tears all over them. His family is not exactly the picture perfect family. His mom died when he was born and his dad blames him for what happened to her. He beats the kid every chance he gets, rarely feeds him, as you can tell by his very skinny nature, and talks down to him all the time. The only joy that this boy gets is from watching boxing. He dreams of becoming a boxer so he could stand against anyone. The boy's name, Matthew Murdock.

Matt is walking into the school. He walks to his locker and written on it is "You Suck". "Real original," he thought. He open it up and place his book bag inside. Matt doesn't have a single friend to speak of. The other kids don't want to talk to the poor kid. Matt walks into toward the bathroom where he sees Karen Page. Matt has had a crush on Karen for all of the last two school years. She turns and smiles at him. Matt then trips over his shoelaces and falls face first into the ground. The whole hallway starts bursting with laughter.

"Are you okay?" asked a big boy wearing a Misfits shirt and black shorts.

"Yeah I'm fine," said Matt brushing himself off. "This happens a lot."

"Why don't you tie your shoe?" asked the boy.

"I don't know how," answered Matt nervously.

"I'll have to teach you some other time," said the boy giving Matt a pat on the back. "I have to run now."

The boy ran off while Matt yelled toward him.


But the boy disappeared around a corner.

"I don't even know your name."

Matt then realized he was late to class. He would have to ponder who that was later. He took off running toward class.

"Nice of you to join us Matthew," said the teacher in an almost mocking voice.

"Sorry I'm late."

"You will be. You have detention after school."

Matt groaned at this. His father would kill him for this. He had to pick up some milk after school. This won't be good.

Matt started daydreaming during class about running on rooftops as free as a bird. He wouldn't have to worry about bullies, teachers, and his father. Then the lunch bell rang and all the kids got up for lunch.
Matt's dad wouldn't give him lunch money or make him lunch. So Matt usually had no lunch. He would go outside to the playground and keep to himself. Today was no different. Matt just sat there swinging back and forth softly. Then a huge foot came and kicked him in the back.
"Why look guys. It's our punching bag," said a huge boy surrounded by three other boys.

"Oh great," Matt thought, "Not the wrecking crew or whatever their calling themselves now."

The four boys were a gang led by a kid named Dirk. The other kids were Henry, Brian, and Eliot. That got their kicks out of picking on those weaker than them, like Matt.

"What do you what Dirk?"

"It's practice time. We need to practice our swings Matty boy"

Matt took off but one of the other boys tripped him. He turned a spit in his face.

"Your going to pay for that loser," said the kid as he punched Matt in the face.

"Screw you Henry."

The four of them started to gain up on Matt. Then someone grabbed Brian and threw him into the swing pole. He socked Eliot and then punched Henry.

"Leave him alone," said the kid that helped him earlier.

"Okay okay, were done anyway," said Henry backing away. Then rest got up and left.

"It seems like deja vu doesn't," teased the kid as he helped Matt up.

"Thanks again. Those guys are nothing but jerks."

"No problem, have you eaten anything? I have a couple sandwiches you can have."

"Sure. I'm Matt by the way."

"Frank. Frank Castle."

The two sat there for the reminder of lunch. Frank was telling him about his really cool parents and how his dad was in the military, so they move a lot. Matt and Franks became fast friends. Frank became Matt's bodyguard also. Anybody who messed with Matt, messed with Frank. Frank even taught Matt how to tie his shoes. Soon the school year was over and Matt spent a lot of time at Franks house when he could. They became more of a family to him than his father. Who still beat him often. Frank's parents talked of seeing if they could take him in. But a sleazy lawyer argued that Matt's dad needs him to take care of him. The judge agreed. Soon a year or two past and they started 7th grade.
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Now this I like ^_^ It's great how you explain Matt and Frank's relationship in detail, and giving it more background. Please, update soon.
Yes it would of been.

Knights Chapter 2

Matt and Frank are in the 7th grade year. Things are going as well as they can. But the duo meet a interesting couple. Elektra Nachios and Johhny Blaze.
thee great one said:
NOTE: This story contain explict content of extreme violence, sex, swearing, and drugs.

...therefore making it inappropriate for this site.
There's been a PG-13 rating on the forum for a long time. That's why I had to host off-site rather than post directly to the board. He should have known better. :roll:
It's nothing too extreme for this site like JTG's stories. That's just a friendly warning. Ice will keep a eye on it. Right Ice.:wink:
My story was initially off-sited for violence and language. So your story, unless you're just spewing BS at the beginning, will actually be worse than what caused me to pull it from the site. Ergo, it's not appropriate.
Watch your tenses:
PAST TENSE - The boy was young and only in the 5th grade.
PRESENT TENSE - He has his bright yellow backpack on. He is wearing brown shoes with the laces undone and his hair is a mess.
jtg3885 said:
My story was initially off-sited for violence and language. So your story, unless you're just spewing BS at the beginning, will actually be worse than what caused me to pull it from the site. Ergo, it's not appropriate.

It's more of an warning for those who don't want to read it. It's not really going to be that extreme at least not what I post. It's nothing worse than what's all over this site everyday.
Rhyo said:
Watch your tenses:
PAST TENSE - The boy was young and only in the 5th grade.
PRESENT TENSE - He has his bright yellow backpack on. He is wearing brown shoes with the laces undone and his hair is a mess.

I seem to be having a lot of trouble with that.

Ultimate Gambit said:
So when is the second one coming out?

Does that mean you liked it? It should be this week sometime.
Chapter Two - The Couple

It is an early Tuesday morning. Summer vacation has just ended for Matthew Murdock and Frank Castle. They are both walking to school on their first day of school in the 7th grade.

"Did you see the new Nirvana video?" asked Frank. "It was freakin awesome."

"No," replied Matt, "My dad was watching the football game."

They walked up the stairs to the school and headed toward their lockers.

"Let see I have Gym first period," pointed out Frank. "Then we both have Math together in 2nd period."

Matt wasn't paying attention to Frank has he is watching a new girl, he has never seen before, walk by. She is very beautiful with long flowing black hair and hazel eyes. Their eyes meet and she smiles at him.

"Who was that?" asked Frank punching Matt in the arm.

"I don't know," Matt said rubbing his arm.

They both walked off to their different classes. Frank went to gym class. He walked into the locker room and started changing into his gym clothes when someone comes from behind and pants him.

"WHAT'S UP CASTLE?!", yelled a small but built boy with blond hair and blue eyes.

"Johnny Blaze, what do you want?" he asked pulling his pants back up. "I always figured you wanted in my pants."

"Whatever, I just wanted you to know that I'm going to whoop your butt out there today."

"Bring it on Blaze."

Frank is getting ready to run and tackle Blaze. They are playing football outside and Johnny is one of the wide receivers and Frank was covering him. The quarterback threw the ball towards Blaze. He caught it and took off. Frank went to rush him but he jumped over Frank making him fall flat on his face.

"Your going to pay for that one," snarled Frank as he got up and wiped himself off.

Frank's team went through another play then Johnny's team had the ball again, once again the ball was thrown to Johnny and he caught it. He took off running but this time when he tried to jump over Frank. Frank grabbed him, picked him up, and slammed him down hard. You heard a "ooohhh" from the rest of the class.

"How do you like that hotshot?" taunted Frank.

"I think I need mouth to mouth Castle," he said grabbing him.

"Get the **** of me sicko," he said pushing him off.

Then the bell rang for the next class. Frank and Johnny went to go meet Matt before class.

"Hey Sexy!" yelled that girl Matt saw this morning. She ran toward them and put her arms around Johnny. They started kissing. Frank and Matt just exchanged weird looks.

"Guys, I want you to meet my new girlfriend," said Johnny. "This is Elektra Natchios. Elektra, this is Matt Murdock and Frank Castle. They are good friends of mine."
"Hi," said both Matt and Frank at the same time.

"Good to meet both of you. Johnny's told me so much about the both of you," she told them. "I have to go now. I have science to get to."

She leaned over and gave Johnny a kiss on the check and waved goodbye to Matt and Frank and ran off.

"We have to go too, see you at lunch," said Frank.

Matt and Frank ran off towards their math class.

Later on they all joined back up for lunch. They went outside to eat cause it was such an beautiful day.

"So tell us about yourself Elektra," said Matt.

"Well I don't know what to tell, I was born in Greece. I moved to the states when I was 5 and been here ever since."

"We met over summer vaction at the park. She got tranfered here just to be with me. She's also a black-belt in karate," added Johnny.

"You know sometimes I think you date me just so you can say that," she told him as she gave him another kiss.

"Really, that is so cool," interrupted Matt as he took a bite of his tuna sandwich.

"Yeah I've been studying since I six. My sensi says I'm the best she's ever seen."

"You have to show us some moves sometime," added Frank.

"She's only showing me moves," countered Johnny.

Elektra gave him a slap to the chest.

"This is so much crap," complained Matt. "Mr.Nelson gave me history homework on the first day."

"That's new teacher, Foggy Nelson or something right?" asked Johnny. "What kind of name is Foggy anyway?"


"Time to know back to hell," smirked Johnny.

The year passed by rather quick, it seems. Matt's father has left him alone now that's he's getting older. Matt's life has never been going better now that he has his own group of friends. Johnny and Elektra's relationship continued to grow. They start the eight-grade year soon where they meet a new kid named Eric who has a weird obsession with vampires.
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It was cool. I like the lead up, but is the end like a blurb for the next issue, because otherwise it doesn't fit well.
:rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon: out of 5.
I like it alot my one gripe with it though they seem to be in high school the way they act..... but overall I liked it once again good job TGO can't wait for the next ONE
Ultimate Gambit said:
I like it alot my one gripe with it though they seem to be in high school the way they act..... but overall I liked it once again good job TGO can't wait for the next ONE

Have you talked to kids now a days. They seem like they are trying to grow up faster than they should.
Chapter Three - Purple

Matt was sitting in class waiting for it to start. It's 2nd quarter of his 8th grade year. Matt was wearing a red sweater with levis. His red hair was a mess like always. Soon a black boy wearing a Dracula shirt came and sat next to him.

"What's up Matt," he said as he reached for his books out of his backpack.

"Eric, I was sure you were going to be late again. Mr.Killgrave would kill you."

"No worries."

The bell rang and everybody went quiet. The teacher came into the room and looked around. He was a very pale man in his twenties. He wore a brown suit with clean-cut brown hair. He was very skinny.

"Eric, I'm glad you made it to class on time today. What's the occasion?" he mocked.

Eric just gave him a dirty look. Mr.Killgrave smirked.

"Today's a pop quiz on the periodic table. I hope you're ready."

The whole class moaned. He went around passing out the quizzes.

"You have 30 minutes, began."

Matt started his. He only knew like 10 of the whole table. He thought how much he hates chemistry. He looked over and saw Eric doodling vampires all over his quiz. He'll never understand his obsession with them.

"Time's up."

Mr.Killgrave went around and gathered all the tests back up. He looked at Matt's and frowned at him.

He went to the desk of Karen Page, who Matt still had a crush on, and picked up hers.

"I'm impressed Kathern, 100% right."

She blushed. Matt thought that he should ask her if she can tutor him. That would give them alone time together. The bell rang and everyone got up for class. Matt and Eric walked out into the halls.

"I hate that guy. He's so creepy," *****ed Eric.

"I know what you mean," said Matt still watching Karen go down the hall.

"Dude, just go ask her to a movie or something."

"What? Um, what are you talking about?"

"You're so hopeless."


The school day has ended and Mr.Killgrave was in his room performing experiments with his chemicals.

"I hate these brats," he thought. "They have no respect for anyone."

He started pouring some blue liquid into some red smoking liquid. He started mixing it turning it a weird purple color. The smell was horrible.

"If I can get this to work, I can get those brats to behave in class."

He was trying to think of a way to test his new potion when a rat suddenly ran by him. He jumped and whacked the chemical into his face. He let out a loud scream. He kept rubbing his eyes. Soon the janitor ran into the room wondering what all the noise. He saw Mr.Killgrave laying on the ground.

"Zebediah, is that you?" he asked as he went to help him up.

"Yes you buffoon, get off me," he answered as he pushed him away. "They burn, why do they burn?"

"What burn?"

"My eyes."

He turned around and the janitor jumped. His eyes have turned a nasty glowing purple.

"What happened to your eyes?"

"Nothing, leave me in peace. Go jump out the window or something."

The janitor said nothing but instead ran to the window and drove threw it. They were on the 4th floor.

"What the hell?"

He went over and looked out the window. The janitor was lying lifeless on the ground below.

"Did I just do what I think I did," he thought.

An evil smirk came across his face.


"Hey guys, did you hear about the janitor?"

"No what happened, Frank?" asked Matt.

"He jumped out of Mr.Killgrave's window, killing himself."

"Why?" wondered Eric.

"No one knows, his wife is pregnant with his first kid and my sources say he was happily married."

"That's awful," added Elektra.

"Our they sure he did it himself?" asked Johnny. "I mean Killgrave as always been the creepy type."

"Police say there was no sign of a struggle and Killgrave swears he wasn't there."

"We have to go Eric or we'll be late for his class," pointed out Matt. "Bye guys."

Matt and Eric ran off down the hall to Mr.Killgrave's class. They walked in and the window was boarded up. Matt looked Mr.Killgrave who was even paler than usual and was wearing sunglasses for some strange reason.

"You must have all heard about the unfortunate event that occurred last night," commented Killgrave. "I must ask you to pay attention and try not to dwell on horrible things. Today, after seeing your horrible quiz results yesterday, we'll going to study the periodic table some more. Expect for you Kathern, I have something special for you. Come with me. The rest of you, open up your books to page 22 and study."

Karen got up and followed him out of the room. Matt got a sick feeling in his gut. He knew he needed to follow them. After about five mins he got up and started to leave.

"Where are you going?" whispered Eric.

"The bathroom."

Matt walked down the halls and heard some banging noises from one of the janitor closets. He peeked in a saw Karen's legs wrapped around Mr.Killgrave. They were making noises that Matt knew what they were doing. He didn't believe it. He sat there for a moment not knowing what to do. She didn't seem to be fighting him. Then they finished and he looked in and saw Mr.Killgrave lower his sunglasses revealing bright purple eyes that lit up the room.

"You won't remember any of this. You were sitting in class studying hard," he told her. She just stood there quiet, not saying a word. They both started toward the door. Matt took off toward the class room. He made it before he was noticed.

Soon Mr.Killgrave and Karen returned. Karen returned to her seat and sat down.

"May I have your attention," commanded Mr.Killgrave as he took off his glasses.

Matt quickly closed his eyes.

"You have all been here studying along with Ms.Page here. I have not left the class at all. You will all be silent for the rest of the class."

The whole class but Matt sat there with their eyes wide open. Matt wondered if Mr.Killgrave was some kind of mutant. He had to do something.​
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