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:rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon: out of 5. Purpleman (it was him, right?) was a good villain, little freaky, but his origin was cool.

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Chapter Four - Widow

"What are you talking about?" asked Frank as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"You're saying that you saw Mr. Killgrave having sex with Karen Page?" wondered Johnny.

Matt, Frank, and Johnny were sitting at lunch discussing what Matt had seen earlier that morning.

"I think he must be some kind of mutant," pointed out Matt. "We have to do something."

"Are you sure you saw right Matt?", asked Johnny. "I mean teacher and students have sex all the time. It's the new rave. I wouldn't mind nailing Ms. Drew."

"I heard that," said Elektra as she walked towards them. Eric was with her. "You're such a pig."

They sat down next to them.

"What's up guys?" asked Eric.

"Matt here is telling us that he saw Mr.Killgrave having sex with Karen Page," said Frank.

Elektra spited milk out of her mouth.

"You can't just say something like that so causal," she complained.

"Is this true Matt?" wondered Eric.

"Today in class, when he and Karen left."

"They never left. They sat there the whole time."

"That's cause he came back and hypnotized the whole class into thinking that."

"You know how this sounds right?" mocked Johnny.

'Well if Matt says it happened , than I believe him," added Frank. "We need to figure out why."

"Well we can tell the principle," suggested Eric.

"No cause he can just hypnotize him and then us," countered Johnny. "We can't tell anyone."

But as the rest of them debated what to do, Matt's attention was caught by a beautiful red head seating a couple of tables over. She wore a black tanktop and plaid short skimpy skirt. She was pale and had her hair in pigtails. She wore black lipstick. She would be described as a goth. She noticed Matt staring at her and gave him a wink and left the cafeteria.


A couple days later, Matt is in Mr.Killgrave class again. Eric has not been late at all. It seems like he is afraid of Mr.Killgrave now. Everyday, he takes another girl from the class. He returns and tells everyone to forget about it. Matt and Eric never look him in the eye. This helped Matt since Eric has seen his powers too. The other believed them both. Matt looked over at the girl he saw in the cafeteria earlier. She has been transferred into his class. Her name is Natasha Romanova. She is a foreign exchange student from Russia. Matt loves her accent. She seems to always stare at Mr.Killgrave. Soon the class passed.

A couple weeks later, Matt and Frank are discussing a plan that they have all put together. Eric is going to borrow some video equipment from the computer club he's a part of.

"It's a matter of catching him in the act," said Frank. "They have class all day in the computer lab. He need to get it when the class in empty."

"I'm working on it," said Matt. "By the way are you going to the dance next week?"

"I don't know. What about you? You should ask Karen?"

"I can't look her in the eye after what happened to her."

"Yeah, I can see that. I'm think of taking Jessica Jones."

"You should."

Just as Matt finished his sentence he saw Natasha walking by. He suddenly had a idea. He went up to her.

"Hi, I'm Matt," he said as he reached out his hand.

She looked at it and shook it. She smiled at him.


"Well, ummm....."


"Well, I was wondering if you're not busy. You can let me take you to the dance next week."

"Yah. I would love that Matthew. How would you like to join me at the mall tonight?


"I'll see you later."

Matt watched her until she walked out of view. Frank came up to him and slapped him on the back.

"I can't believe you just did that," he celebrated. "You rock."


Later that day....

"So how is America treating you Natasha?"

"Good. I like your culture Matthew."

Matt and Natasha sat on a table in the center of the mall. They have been talking for the better part of a half a hour.

"So are you reading for Mr.Killgrave's test tomorrow?"

Matt shifted uncomfortly at his name.
"Uh, not really."

"You haven’t noticed anything weird about him, have you Matthew?"

"What no, why?"

"It's just that you seem to be uncomfortable around him and when I mentioned his name."

Matt thought for a minute. Should he tell her, he thought. She decided if he warned her that she might not be raped like the others.

"Well I know that this will be hard to believe..."

He proceeded to tell her all about the janitor's death, what he had seen, and their plan.

"I can help."


"At the dance. The computer lab will be emptied and I can seduce him."

"I can ask you to do that."

"You don't have too."

She leaned over the table and kissed him.
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Little bit fast moving, but still a good issue. Killgrave is one bad SOB, though.
:rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon: out of 5.

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Chapter 5 - The Widow's Bite

The day of the dance, the whole school are buzzing with excitement. This is their first dance. Everyone is looking forward to it expect for Matt and his friends.
Matt, Frank, Johnny, Elektra, Eric, and Natasha are meeting outside in the bleachers of the football field to discuss their plan of action.

"So this is the deal," announced Johnny. "Natasha will distract Killgrave and bring him to the computer lab."

"You don't have to do this."

"Yes I do Matthew," answered Natasha.

"Don't interrupt Matt. Now where was I? Oh yes, on the way me and Frank will ambush him and hold him down since his powers seem to be in his eyes. Eric you will put the blindfold on him while we hold him down. Elektra and Matt will be the lookout and back up in case anything happens, She can go all ninja on him."

He gave a wink to Elektra, who smiled back.

"I think that will work. But we need a way to surprise him," added Frank.

"I can blind him with my camera," piped in Eric.

"That is genius," said Frank.

"Then it sounds like a plan. We will meet outside the school at 7:15 tonight," said Matt. "Be ready."

Everybody got up and went their different ways. Matt and Natasha started walking across the field.

"Are you sure you want to go though with this?" asked Matt.

"Aww, you worry about me. It's very sweet."

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"This is something I have to do."


Later at Matt's house...

Matt is in his room getting ready for the dance. Frank loaned him one of his tuxes that doesn't fit anymore. Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is playing in the background. Matt looks in the mirror and sees his dad standing in the doorway.

"And what are you getting all dressed up for?"

"I have the dance tonight dad."

"HAHAHAHA. You have a date? Who is it that friend Frank of yours?"

Matt said nothing but just adjusted his tie. He couldn't risk angering his father tonight.

"Well turn that **** down and don't forget we need bread and eggs. I'm going to have a hell of a hangover tomorrow."

He walked off still laughing to himself. Matt heard the honk outside that belongs to Frank and his parents. He ran outside and hoped into the car.

"Hi Mrs.Castle."

"Matthew, you don't have to be so proper."


"You look so handsome. I would date you if I was your age."

She smiled at him. Matt just bushed.

"Ha, your all red in the face," taunted Frank.

"Am not!"

"Yes you are. You look like a little red devil."


In front of the school....

Frank and Matt pull up to the school to find Johnny. Elektra, and Eric waiting for them. Johnny and Eric were in tuxes. Elektra was wearing a short shelf red dress that went to her knees. Her hair was curly.

"You look stunning Elektra," said Frank giving her a hug.

"Thank you."

"Is Natasha here yet?" asked Matt.

"No, we haven’t seen her," answered Elektra.

"I'm here."

Matt turned and seen Natasha in a black low-cut dress. It circled around her legs glowing longer than shorter. Her hair was straight red hair. She wore bright red lipstick. Matt just stood in awe. Johnny let out a whistle only to be elbowed by Elektra.

"You look amazing," stumbled Matt.

"You look handsome too."

She took him by the arm and they ended into.

A little into the dance they made their move. Natasha went up to Mr.Killgrave while the rest got into position.

"Mr.Killgrave sir."

"Yes Ms.Romanav."

"I think I left my book bag in the computer lab yesterday. Can you unlock it for me?"

She gave him a pout and a wink.

"Why of course dear."

He led towards the computer room. They turned a corner and it was followed by a bright flash.

"Eric, what are you doing?" said Killgrave as he rubbed his eyes.

"Sorry, it's for the yearbook"

"NOW!" yelled Frank.

Frank and Johnny tackle him from behind.

"Eric put the blindfold on!" yelled Johnny.


Killgrave pulled himself out from under them. He looked at Eric and told him to sleep. Eric feel over right there.

"As for you two..."

But before he can finish Elektra kicked him from behind. He looked at Johnny and Frank.

"You two, kill her then kill yourselves. Now come with me girl."

He ran off with Natasha following him, not noticing Matt watching it all.

"Matt! Help me!" screamed Elektra as she was attacked by the boys.

Matt didn't know what to do. He had to help Natasha but he couldn't leave his friends. He saw his answer on the wall. He ran to the fire extinguisher and pulled it off. He aimed it at Frank and Johnny and sprayed. Elektra gave them both a chop to their necks.

"That should keep them out for awhile. Go help your girlfriend."

Matt ran towards the computer lab.


"Stupid ****ing kids. I'll deal with them," grumbled Killgrave as he made his way into the computer lab.

"Now girl..." he said as he stared at her with his purple eyes growing brightly in the dark. "I want you to go down on me."

"Sorry I can't do that."

"What? You should be under my power."

"That is not the case comrade."

Natasha pulled a knife out of her cleavage and slit his throat just as Matt ran into the room.


"Oh Matthew. You weren't suppose to see this."

Then a bunch of teachers ran into the room followed by Elektra.

"What is going on here?" yelled the principle.

"He was trying to rape me. I just had to defend myself. I'm so sorry."

Natasha fell to her knees in tears.


Days past and Matt hasn't seen Natasha since that night. He heard that she transferred into a different school. He really thought their was something between them.

The next week Matt goes to his locker and opens it. He finds a note telling him to meet on the roof. A widow image is on the bottom. He runs to the roof as fast as he can. He throws open the door and finds Natasha waiting.


"Natasha? Where have you been? What happened to you? How did you avoid his powers?"

"I see your full of questions. Sit down, let me tell you a story. Long time ago Russian agents defected to the United States. The two agents were married and had 6 year old daughter. They join a group called S.H.I.E.L.D. They raised there daughter into a expect assassin. The leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. found out about killgrave and his powers. So he sent an assassin to take care of him."

"So you used me to get to him."

"Yes and no. I really like you Matthew. I wouldn't be here if I didn't. I could get into a lot of trouble for telling you this, but you deserve to know. That and I wanted to say goodbye."

She leaned over and kissed him. Matt put his arms around her.

"We never got that dance," she whispered in her ears.

They started to dance with no music but seemed to feel it none the less. Matt smelled jasmine coming from her hair. It was the greatest thing he has ever smelled. It bought tears to his eyes. Soon he let go and turned to look off the roof.

"So where are you going?"

Matt turned around and she was gone.


Matt just sat there for awhile and stared at the sky.
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Awesome chapter. Great job overall as it was written well, and it was enjoyable.


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:rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon:.5 out of 5. I like the characterizations. Some things, like Natasha reveal of working with SHIELD, don't read perfectly, but fit the story quite well.
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TGO you are thee great one this story is really good and I can play almost every image in my head. The characters are great spinoffs of their adult counterparts. You are a good write...... I suggest everyone read these five chapters. You won't be disappointed

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Knights said:
She leaned over and kissed him. Matt put his arms around her.

"We never got that dance," she whispered in her ears.

They started to dance with no music but seemed to feel it none the less. Matt smelled jasmine coming from her hair. It was the greatest thing he has ever smelles. It bought tears to his eyes. Soon he let go and turned to look off the roof.

"So where are you going?"

Matt turned around and she was gone.

I added this into the ending. I thought it should of been there. I didn't think of it till later.

And thanks guys.:D
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Chapter 6 "Fangs"

A year after the incident with Killgrave and Natasha, Matt and his friends had moved into their freshman year of high school. A new school with a set of new teachers and social problems. It is mid November.

Matt, Frank, and Eric went into their english class and had a seat. The bell rung and the teacher walked into the class. He was a middle aged man with small squared glasses and a small black goatee with grey streaks going though it...

"Alright class, settle down. I have a new student here today," said the teacher in a firm but soft spoken voice. "Class, I want you to meet do you say that?

"Moribus, sir."

"Please just call me Mr. Strange.”

Matt looked up from his book at the new kid at the front of the class. He was about 15 with an average build. He had black wavy hair that was spilt down the middle that was parted to each side. He had a black leather jacket, not the kind that bike riders wear, but more classy.

"Mr. Moribus is coming to us from the distant lands of Romania."

With the sound of the Eric yanked his head up from his drawing pad with a huge grin across his face. Eric was a small black kid. He had really short curly hair. He wore a Night Of The Living Dead shirt with black pants.

"Why are you so excited, see something you like?" Frank teased. Frank was captain of his year's football team and had an impressive build. He wore a plain white shirt that hugged his muscles and blue faded levis. He had his jet black hair in a cue cut.

"No you fool, he's from Romania, you know the land of the undead."

"Oh I'm sorry, I forgot about your obsessive nature.”

"I think I left my stake in my other book bag," joined Matt. Matt had grown more handsome and sure of himself. His signature red hair is still a mess. He's never got that under control. He had on a black wrestling shirt of Stone Cold Steve Austin on.


"If you would have a seat next to young Eric there."

Michael walked over and sat down. Eric kept starting at him and studying his every move. Michael was very uncomfortable and was trying not to notice. He finally turned and told him, "It's okay, I don't bite."

This caused both Matt and Frank to bust out laughing very loudly. Eric shot them an evil glare.

"Mind telling us what's so funny, Mr. Murdock and Mr. Castle," asked Mr. Strange.

"No sorry, it won't happen again," answered Matt.

"Good, now if the class would open your books to page 96. We'll continue where we left on in Hamlet. I, for one, always loved the mystical nature of this story."


At lunch, Matt, Frank, and Eric went to meet up with Johnny and Elektra. Johnny pulled up his 92' Red Convertible Mustang. Elektra was in the passenger seat wearing a red wool sweater and a black mini skirt. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a red ribbon. She had a sliver chain hanging on her neck with a demon on it.

"Where did you get the bling, Elektra?" asked Frank.

"Johnny bought it for me for our anniversary of our first date."

"Anything for you babe," added Johnny.

He leaned over and gave her a kiss. Then looked at the guys on the street.

"Hop in; our lunch break is a wastin."

"Window!" yelled Frank who jumped in.

Matt yelled it after him and hopped in. Eric sighed and started to climb in when he noticed the new kid Michael sitting by himself on a nearby bench.

"Hey we should invite the new guy to lunch with us," Eric suggested.

"I don't think any of the nearby cafes that serve blood," mocked Frank some more.

"Why not?" asked Matt. "Eric, go ask him."

Eric jumped out and ran over to him.


Michael looks up at him.

"Oh it's you."

"I was wondering if you wanted to join me and my friends for lunch."

He points over at the group in the car. Elektra waves at him.

"I couldn’t, how do you say, impose."

"It's no problem; I was the new kid once."


They climbed in the car.

"This is Matthew Murdock, Frank Castle, Elektra Natchios, and Johnny Blaze at the steering wheel."


"And I'm Eric Brooks."

"Nice to meet you all. Thanks for inviting me."

"Your English is very well," commented Elektra.

"I learned at the same time I learned my homeland's language. It comes just as naturally as speaking my own,"

"Enough with the chit chat, I'm ****in starvin."

They then sped down the street.


The doors of the downtown mall opened for our group. The mall is a two story building with the food court on the first floor in the center of the mall.

"So tell us about yourself, Michael," said Elektra as she dipped a fry into some ketchup.

"There is not much too tell, I'm afraid," Michael responded.

"Come on, Mikey," added Johnny. "Tell all about life in Romania."

"Well, I was born there with my parents. I was an only child. My mother went to school in America so she taught me English along with Romanian." I came to this country to cause my mother wants me to get the same education that she received.

"Say something in Romanian," Eric threw in.

"Unic a lua ce tu nevoie."

"You didn't get swear at us in other language, did you?" Frank teased.

"No, my friend. I did not"

"Good cause I would have to kick your ***."

"What does it mean?" asked Matt.

"It means, ‘To take only what you need.’ It's an old family motto."

"Lunch time is about up guys. We should go,"


The bell rung for school to get out. Michael walked out the front doors and down the stairs.

"Hey Michael, wait up."


Michael turns around and sees Eric running towards him.

"Oh, hello Eric."

"I was wondering if you would wanted to come over and play some Play station. I got Castlevania."

"Yes, I would like that."


"Do you want some more soda, Michael?"

"No thank you Mrs. Brooks."

Eric's mom was in her early thirties and had curly black hair. She walked out of Eric's room. His room was covered with posters and collectibles of vampires and Dracula.

"Game over again dude. You ain't very good at video games."

"I didn't play many games in my homeland."

Michael started to look pale like he getting sick.

"What's wrong?" asked Eric.

"I think I need to feed on something."

"You want some food? I can get my mom to make something. She makes a killer grilled cheese."

"No I need something else..."


"You would be nice."

Eric looked at Michael’s face who had two fangs on the top row of his teeth. They were dripping a very yellowish saliva.

"Holy ****."
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Good story. Grammatical, spelling and punctual mistakes occur quite a bit, but I have fun correcting you.

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