Kryptonite Is Real!


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Feb 22, 2005
Folkestone, UK
I never watch the news. I happened to walk past a tv as this ground-breaking story unfolded.

Kryptonite has been discovered.

It's not green, it's not crystals, and it's not radioactive. It's called Yaddernite and was found in Serbia, but possesses the same chemical composition as Kryptonite. The newsreader asked the scientist if it had any special powers, the scientist replied, "I don't know. Superman hasn't been around since I got it." At which point, I noticed that the newsreader, a JOURNALIST, wore glasses. He should've started pretending he was being hurt by it. Fool. But it is a new mineral, apparently around 20 a found a year. This one has the same chemical make-up as Kryptonite is said to have in the museum in Superman Returns, minus the fluoride.

Kryptonite is real!
Um, Bass, hate to burst your bubble, but Kryptonite has been around for at least couple decades, and even has a spot on the periodic table.

My bad, it's called Krypton.

Foolish Houde. Kryptonite on the period table isn't Kryptonite. Yaddernite is. It is a mineral that possesses the same chemical composition as Kryptonite. That's the whole point. :roll:

Silly, silly, Houde.
Let's go make some Adamantium.

we find something like kyrptonite . Now we find a planet similar to earth but colder and with a red sun (well red dwarf but to them it's a sun :lol: )

Well I guess we'll need that kyrptonite the second the powers that be decide "they have weapons of mass destruction":lol:

maybe all comics are secretly warnings or predictions of what's to come? *looks for either a gamma bomb test site or a radio active spider*

I've known this since 3rd Grade.

I got in trouble for putting it on a test when asked to name something off of the periodic table. Apparently the teacher had no idea.
The funny thing is, they're only basing it off of Superman Returns. If they were actually basing it off of anything else, they'd know that Kryptonite is supposed to be made up of like 99.6% of an unknown substance. I always preferred that idea, so that way, something like this wouldn't happen.

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