Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

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First screens:


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The first one is the 3rd greatest Star Wars game ever, after Battlefront 2 and Battlefront.

I'm all over this one.


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this should be out soon I can wait. Lego star wars is my second fave star wars game (first been KOTOR) Only thing about this i want to know but they are not saying is unlocking the people from LS 1.

xbox , ps2 , ngc and pc (not sure on pc) have it where if you had game save of first you unlock everyone from episodes 1-3.

my money is on either a) downloadble conten
or b) has first game on same disk (i really hope its this one)
or c) start unlocked.

thought there would be more posts about this been so close to release date and all. the new features in this look cool like build your own character from parts of others.


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OMG, I saw this in Nintendo power or maybe another mag, but the first one was so cool that I can't wait to play the second.


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I have this for PSP. This might be the greatest game ever made. Very addicting.


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I have this on 360 (my only console now) and I agree with E Very addicting and the added features from last year made it amazing. but something i really like is character reactions to other characters. e.g chewie can rip the arms of somone , lando kisses princess leias hand if you stand next to her and press attack.

The small things really make this game much better. E.g i liked how on dagobah when training to be a jedi you had to have yoda on your back to use the force. a small thing but a nice touch.

i want more lego games

lego batman
lego spider-man
lego LOTR

its a great series and would be fun to see more with diffrent lego type franchises.


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Wow I'm surprised this game got such good feedback, maybe I should get it.......


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I just picked this up for my PSP the other day. Finally a great game for my PSP. This game is so sick. Star Wars is one of the greatest things ever and legos are sweet too, so how can you go wrong? I might go pick up the first one if it's anywhere near the greatness of #2. Even if episodes 1 and 2 sucked.

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