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I picked up the first issue of the new Vertigo series by Matt Wagner.

I really enjoyed it. I always love the DC/Vertigo mystical universe. I have never read much with Xanadu besides her usually random appearance.

I also love the art so much.

If you are fan of Vertigo magic stuff as in The Sandman, Books Of Magic, or Hellblazer, than maybe you should check it.

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I read the first two issues of this. It is really awesome. It's great how DC characters like Etrigan and The Phantom Stranger are showing up in here.

I wonder if being a Vertigo book will help it sell better than just being a regular DC book? There's nothing really objectionable about it so far that would make it have to be a Vertigo title.


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I've read the first two issues as well. It's ok. The story hasn't really grabbed me yet, but the art is great.


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I've read the first issue, and also not too impressed.

House of Mysteries is a much better classic Vertigo story.


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I just ordered the first TPB of this. It looks pretty good, has anyone got past the first arc?

I just really want vertigo to do another sandman / lucifer and Wagner says he's got long term plans for this. And he doesn't feel particularly tied to DC continuity, i think that is why they put it as vertigo. all people know about Mme X is that she reads tarot and lost her eyes in IC.

I had an idea that Mr X from books of magic could be featured as her estranged husband or some such. That'd give some more entrenchment to the Vertigo of yore. but I can't see it ever happening.


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I'm also tradewaiting the second arc, but the first was fantastic and I think you'll really enjoy it.


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I read volume 1 (first 10 issues).

Loved it, pretty solid origin arch and does what it says as a romp through history. Merlin, Marco Polo, Marie antoinette, Jack the's all quite fun and doesn't feel too forced (even though Xanadu's only in there so she can get her name).

Phantom Stranger was slightly repetitve and annoying everytime he turned up but i suppose that's the point. Narration too was a little dragging, but it has fleshed out the character.

I loved how every chapter had it's own nod to some DC hero. The green lamp, helmet of Dr fate, zatara/spectre/etrigan. that doesn't make the story good but it's a nice touch.

I can't really see where the next logical step would take the series, but the spectre appearing in issue 10 is almost like the start of the next chapter if Wagner wanted to go down that path. But there's no real cliffhangers to get me to want to read the next volume, just a well developed character with good team at the helm.

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What I got from the end was she finally accepted her role in the world, and will work towards the greater good.

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