1. Ice

    Which new comic book show are you looking forward to?

    Plenty of TV new comic book shows coming next TV season. Which one are you looking forward to? You can choose for more than just one show. Gotham, FOX iZombie, The CW Flash, The CW Constantine, NBC Agent Carter, ABC
  2. bluebeast

    We3- Spoilers

    So we don't have a thread for this. I just got my delux edition in the mail earlier today and I must say that this is one of the most horrifically beautiful pieces I have ever read. I'll give a full review tomorrow after I'm less sleep deprived but what do others who have read this think about it?
  3. ProjectX2

    Sweet Tooth

    Did anyone read Sweet Tooth #1 this week? “A cross between Bambi and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, it’s a post-apocalyptic journey full of quiet intimate moments, powerful emotion and an edge that is unlike anything you’ve ever read” Interview and Preview at Wall Street Journal...
  4. ProjectX2

    Joe the Barbarian

    A three issue mini-series by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy coming out in January 2010... That looks awesome. I can spot Transformers, Batman and Robin, G.I. Joe characters, Dick Tracy... I can't wait for this. Morrison has got a lot of interesting and different stuff coming up. More info:
  5. Friday

    Saga of the Swamp Thing #21-64 discussion [Alan Moore] [spoilers]

    So has anyone else read Swamp Thing? And I don't just mean Alan Moore's run on the title. We've had good to great runs by Rick Veitch, Mark Millar, Andy Diggle, and one really bad one by Brian K Vaughn. I've been itching to re-read my collection of TPBs and Singles lately, unfortunatly my...
  6. thee great one

    Madame Xanadu Discussion *Spoilers*

    I picked up the first issue of the new Vertigo series by Matt Wagner. I really enjoyed it. I always love the DC/Vertigo mystical universe. I have never read much with Xanadu besides her usually random appearance. I also love the art so much. If you are fan of Vertigo magic stuff...
  7. compound

    Vertigo General Dicussion Thread

    This will serve as a multipurpose thread for all the remaining Vertigo titles that don't have enough readers at UC (yet) to merit their own discussion thread. (Which, incidentally, is half my pull list, at the moment.) Namely: Vinyl Underground by Si Spencer and Simon Gane American Virgin by...
  8. ProjectX2


    I love Vertigo. There are so many reasons why I love it. They have good, self contained stories that don't go on forever. They have beginnings, middles, and ends. They have some of the greatest comics ever created. Vertigo rules. I love Fables. Y The Last Man is awesome and Grant Morrison's...
  9. TwilightEL

    Crossing Midnight discussion

    I could've sworn there was already a thread on this series. In fact, I think I remember starting it. Was it in the wrong place, or am I just totally insane? Crossing Midnight is the story of a Japanese couple who pray to the gods that their son will be safely delivered in exchange for an...
  10. Goodwill

    Pride - Being taught in class

    I'm sure Brian K. Vaughan, and some members of this board, will be pleased to know that Prides of Bagdhad is being taught in a colleg writing course. :rock:
  11. Joe Kalicki

    Fables Chronology *spoilers*

    Years, AD. 800-1000 -Jack quits giant killing after being unable to move the giant coins from a dead giant's purse (Why He Quit the Business-On the Ledge 9/06). -Jack sleeps with Lumi, the Snow Queen and takes over her job as Jack Frost while she's sick (Jack of Fables 6). -Geppetto begins...
  12. ProjectX2


    Red is a three issue mini series by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner released as part of the Wildstorm Signature imprint. It's about an ex-CIA agent, Paul Moses, who is targeted by agents when the CIA elect a new Director. The new Director sees a mysterious video, which convinces him that Paul...
  13. compound

    Sandman Mystery Theater series discussion (spoilers, spec.)

    For discussion of the old series from the 90s, as well as the current relaunch by John Ney Reiber and Eric Nguyen, SMT: The Sleep of Reason. First issue of the new series was promising, but not mind-blowingly great, and I suspect I'll probably end up tradewaiting it. Dian Belmont and...
  14. E.Vi.L.


    I finally finished this serie and it is the greatest saga I have ever read. I can't recommand this enough. Lucifer is a 75 issues series by Mike Carey. It takes it root in the character introduced by Gaiman in The Sandman #4. That issue was... mediocre. It's not really useful except...
  15. nigma

    DMZ [Vertigo]

    written by Brian Wood artwork by Riccardo Burchielli & Brian Wood Ongoing series Published by DC/Vertigo, 2005 In the near future, America's worst nightmare has come true. With military adventurism overseas bogging down the Army and National Guard, the U.S. government mistakenly neglects the...
  16. thee great one

    Hellblazer series discussion *Spoilers*

    Does anybody else read this? I'm sure one of you do. I started picking this up cause I loved the movie. But I see now that the movie didn't do it justice. I started with the "Down With Where The Dead Men Go" arc. But I just picked up the "Staring At The Wall" trade. Mike Carey writes this book...
  17. compound

    V for Vendetta movie discussion

    A thread dedicated to the upcoming movie -- appropriately slated for release on Guy Fawkes' Day this year -- based on Alan Moore's dystopian graphic novel. The discussion here comes with the usual disclaimer that it may probably involve spoiler info regarding the original comic. Got it...
  18. Friday

    Vertigo First Taste

    So who here picked it up and took thier first step into some amazing comics? Anyone? Guys? Come on! It's like 5 bucks.
  19. Friday

    The Sandman series discussion thread (Spoilers!)

    I bought the first Sandman hardcover today. On a whim really. I only had one title on my pull list, plus Wizard, and one TPB came in, so it was time to explore the TPB box. I’ve been on the edge of picking up The Sandman in trade for a while now, holding off for 2 reasons. If I bought it I’d...