Man-Thing in UFF #7, whats the deal?


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May 27, 2004
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Hey all, just wanted to get a discussion going about Man-Thing's appearance at the beginning of UFF #7, when Reed is sort of having a flashback to the teleportation accident, and in one panel we see Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben, Victor changing, and whats this? Man-Thing showing up for this one panel appearance? This is a definite clue by the writer to something bigger going on.

Personally, my theory on this subject goes back to when Dr. Storm and Reed are discussing where Sue is in the first arc, and Dr. Storm mentions their new powers seem to be related to the elements: Fire (Johnny), Earth (Ben), Water (Reed), Air (Sue). And later we come to find out Victor's fate: his skin has become some type of metallic armor. So maybe Man-Thing was in some way affected by the teleportation accident, and him being a mass of walking swamp muck, well maybe he's supposed to represent plants or something?

Though, I must note, in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #10, at the beginning there is an introduction and quick revelation as to the origin of Man-Thing, which I guess is close to the 616 version. Basically, Ted Sallis, a scientist who was working on some type of formula (which I think is related to the Super Soldier serum), was escaping through a swamp from agents who were pursuing him to steal this formula. Rather than let them have it he injected it into himself and became Man-Thing. Sooooo, how's he tied in to the FF if his origin and theirs are different? Well, maybe this issue will be explored in future issues, or maybe it will just end up a loose plot end. What do you all think?
I was wondering about that too. It got me confused when I saw it in the previews book, and im still confused about it to this day.
We'll most likely see an explanation to this before Warren Ellis leaves the title. That Man-Thing was in there for a reason and I'd really like to find out soon... Maybe someone that they never really thought got teleported did and got those Man-Thing powers! Who knows.
Ultimate Man-Thing?


Why the hell would they make an Ultimate Man-THing? Maybe he escaped the N-Zone or somthing like that. I dont know
I remember reading on a board that the chinese elements are earth, fire, wind, water, metal and wood. Also i do believe that Reed's dog was at the teleportation site with them, although not closer then Reed and Sue
Guys, there has already been an Ultimate Man-Thing. In one of the Team-Up issues, Spider-Man fought him as well as the Lizard...
Yeah but, although i believe certain Team-Up issues were discarded from the continuity, in Team-Up, the Fantastic Four are set well before the other titles (such as USM) so it is quite possible that Man-Thing has been living in the sewers or has come to the sewers.
But that story can't be entirely discounted as it has the origin of Ultimate Lizard. The Curt Conners of that story is quite clearly the Curt Conners of later Spider-Man issues.
i believe certain Team-Up issues were discarded from the continuity

Only #9 with the Fantastic Four. Everything else is in continuity.
until they need one of those characters and that issue doesnt fit in with the scheme.... :roll:
sto110 said:
until they need one of those characters and that issue doesnt fit in with the scheme.... :roll:

That very well could happen. In fact, it has, they just haven't gone to the lengths of junking the issue from continuity.
I think we should disregard the entire Team-Up deal... It was a whole mess that none of the Ultimate writers needed.
I'd be tempted to say that most of us could do a better job. at least in terms of maintaining continuity. I mean only a few small decisions needed to have been done differently and the Ultimate universe would have no continuity problems. But we should all know better, long term planning has no place in the comics industry...

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